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Meatballs sensation Burn In Malang.Saat been to Malang, it feels incomplete if it did not enjoy a delicious culinary tour-delicious. The city is very famous all with meatballs that can be found every corner or a place that sells a lot of meatballs. Malang is a famous city with meatballs.

Culinary Bakar Bakso Malang is one of the most sought after migration from outside the city and even from different provinces. The sajian was served with burnt using a variety of condiments so different with meatballs often eaten. Grilled meatballs alone are rarely found in other cities and exists only in the city of Malang. No wonder so many immigrants who come to Malang to a culinary tour.

1.Bakso Heroes Trip

3rd place Bakso Bakar sensation in Malang

Figure 1. Meatball Grill Heroes Trip And Wonton Noodle

Culinary Bakar Bakso Malang not complete if you do not try at Bakso Bakar Heroes Trip. The location is near the Simpang Ijen, precisely on Jalan Pahlawan Trip. The mainstay of the most famous the grilled meatballs. Every visitor who came there more booked this hidangan for good and will not see him in other areas. A plate of grilled meatballs price is 12ribu. In addition there are also grilled meatball noodles, dumplings are no less delicious. Meatballs Heroes Trip Grill is open daily starting at 10 noon.

Dua.Bakso President

3rd place Bakso Bakar sensation in Malang

Figure 2. Options Menu Meatballs President

Bakso president offered the same sajian is meatballs Bakar. The meatballs were offered quite diverse ranging from regular meatballs, meatballs tendon, meatball eggs, grilled meatballs, fried meatballs and shrimp meatballs. The price for a regular serving of meatballs in the meatball president began 12ribuan. In addition there are also a variety of meatballs, meatballs tendon, meatball eggs, dumplings and meatballs goreng.Bakso President is located in Jalan Batang lima and is located on the edge of the railroad tracks that appeal eating places here. Bakso President presents two places, indoors or on the edge of the rail.

Tiga.Bakso Bakar Pak Man

3rd place Bakso Bakar sensation in Malang

     Figure 3. Bakso Bakar Pak Man

Culinary Bakar Bakso Malang is no less well known is grilled meatballs owned by Mr. Man. The difference from other places is a variation consisting of grilled meatballs grilled meatballs smooth and rough. If you wish to not be burned, boiled meatballs here also provides that no less tasty with meatballs fuel. Customers are free to take the white noodles, tofu, boiled meatballs and sauce to taste.

Prices here are quite affordable meatballs, grilled meatballs Per seeds for 1500. Besides meatballs, there are also other menus such as dumplings and fried foods are very well suited to be eaten with grilled meatballs. Where to eat grilled meatball Pak Man located at Jalan Diponegoro 19, and every day is always full of visitors.

For those who are on vacation or just a walk no one tried the sajian this one. Culinary Bakar Bakso Malang there is no harm in trying if was traveling with family. Lots of restaurant that provides grilled meatballs that can be visited and highly recommended for migrants from outside the area.


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