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Papua is a province of Indonesia located widest in the central part of New Guinea or the most eastern part of Western Papua (formerly Irian Jaya). The eastern parts of the country of Papua New Guinea. Papua Province first covers the whole territory of Papua western portion, but since 2003 is divided into two provinces in the eastern part kept the name of Papua while the western portion using the name of West Papua. Papua has an area of ??808 105 square kilometers and is the second largest island in the world and the largest in Indonesia.

Papua itself is an area that has a myriad of sights very beautiful such as beaches, natural attractions as well as tours of the island are all in Papua, if you want a vacation this is where the ideal, guaranteed you will not be disappointed, especially if you are visiting with relatives, couples or family vacation you will be guaranteed to be more fun.

Here's 36 Best Places list in Papua mandatory must-visit if you're traveling to Papua

1. Puncak Jayawijaya (Carstensz Pyramid)

Puncak Jayawijaya is one tourist destination in Papua are included in the 7 Summits sasaran of mountaineers from different parts of the world is the highlight Jayawijaya. One of the natural attractions are located in the National Park Laurentz has a very beautiful panorama and the peak was always covered by snow. At the peak of the highest mountain in Indonesia, the snow was spread. The altitude that reaches 4,884 dapl make any eternal snow covered mountain peaks in Papua. Snow on the Jayawijaya is one of the unique natural phenomenon, since natural ice does not usually fall along the equator. When viewed from the air, Puncak Jayawijaya like a tapestry-covered white hood. If the sun is bright, the snow will reflect sunlight glare but still awesome.

2. Cendrawasih Bay National Park

The national park with an area of ??1,453,500 hectares, almost 90% is water. Not surprisingly, the park's Cenderawasih be the largest marine conservation areas and the largest in Indonesia. Here, there are 196 species of mollusks and 209 species of fish that you can see in the underwater realm. Not infrequently tortoises, turtles, sharks and dolphins also accompany you while diving. Cenderawasih Bay National Park was established in 1993 by the Ministry of Forestry. Besides enjoying the underwater nature, you also get to explore the islands. Mioswaar Island, one of the islands in Papua tourist attractions, has a cave with a hot spring with sulfur content worth your visit. In addition Mioswaar Island, there is still Yoop Island, numfor, Nusrowi Island and other islands that you should not miss.

Tiga. Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is ne of the sights in Papua. Beauty attracted the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Raja Ampat consists of four large islands of Waigeo, Misool, Salawati, Batanta and small islands in the vicinity. Raja Ampat has a diverse marine life. According to a report from The Nature Conservancy, as much as 75% of the world's marine species found in the waters of Raja Ampat. During the dive, you will be accompanied by around 1,511 species of fish and sea turtles. Exciting, huh? While you are free to dive anytime throughout the year here, but the best time is in October and November. In these months, the weather is nice and the water is very clear so visibility when diving is ideal.

4. Pulau Rumberpon

Rumberpon island in the Gulf Wondama or 5 hour boat trip from Manokwari. The island has a beach called Pasir Panjang because it's very long coastline reaching 6 km. In these places, you can do a mainstay activities such as diving, snorkeling, swimming and fishing. If you want a different experience, try visiting the mangrove forests on the other coast of the island. You also can go to the grassland to see birds deer here.

Lima. Lorentz National Park

Papua also has national parks that has been named as one of the UNESCO world heritage site in 1999. His name is somewhat westernized because it was taken from a Dutch explorer named Hendrikus Albertus Lorentz did eskpedisi in 1909. Lorentz National Park has a collection of animals sufficient varies. Starting from the tree kangaroos, possum, wild cats, babirusa, walabies, birds of paradise, cassowaries, parrots, bird shrimp, and much more. With an area of ??About 2.4 million hectares, this national park became the largest national park in Southeast Asia.

6. Misool Island

Misool Island plot like a small paradise with beautiful beaches and amazing marine park. Stretching a series of rock island in the west and east, Misool is one of the four largest islands in the Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua province. The existence of underwater paradise on the island of Misool can be identified even before you plunge into the clear turquoise sea water is very soothing eye. Panorama captivating remote island almost untouched expanse of open sea covers a broad and very clear, white sand stretching along the coast and surrounded by tropical forests and mangrove trees are green scenic.

7. Salawati

The island is known for kealamiannya fairly untapped human hands because there are no tourist facilities. But make no mistake, that is precisely what is at the center of its beauty. The island is covered by thousands of sago tree is very dense, even practically almost 3/4 of the island is covered with sago tree is grown naturally. There are many varieties of plants and animals that give uniqueness. The island is still undeniably quiet and calm, there is also a waterfall that could spoil the eyes of tourists, dances and bunkers wor historic leftover from World War II can also be found in a place that's still beautiful.

8. Wayag

The island beauty store is very exceptional and could not we meet somewhere else, it will never exist anywhere in the world only in Papua Baratlah place. Island exoticism and uniqueness of the store is often dubbed the paradise of divers in Raja Ampat. Island which is the main icon of Raja Ampat. Diving and snorkelling activities can be done in this place, there is no place except here the most beautiful snorkelling. The existence of coral reefs and thousands of species of fish gives a very beautiful scenery. The surface is no less beauty store Wayag this is the sea is blue and there are islands of limestone stretches harmoniously form a view to pamper the eyes and soothing.

9. Beach Bosnik

Bosnik beach located 15 km from the city center Biak has a vast expanse of sand with clear blue water and a row of palm trees that make it a perfect scenery to be immortalized in your camera. Tourist attractions in Papua is perfect for relaxing with the family.  The beach exotic has become a popular tourist destination for locals. The beauty of coral reefs and atolls are so amazing at making you feel at home enjoying every moment in this shady beaches. White sand and crystal-clear water makes you can easily see the seabed. If you come here, do not forget to capture the beauty of the underwater yes.

10. Amai Beach

Amai beach is a tourist place that is right for you who want tranquility. This beach is relatively quiet, but by no means unattractive. At the end of the beach, there is a river that makes saltwater and freshwater meet here. This fresh water is used by tourists to rinse yourself after swimming at the beaches. Besides swimming, you can also play beach volleyball, diving, snorkeling or relaxing in the gazebo that you can rent, in Turkish Amai already provided lodging house style stage. Amai beach is located in District Depapre or approximately dua hours drive from Jayapura. The trip to the beach will test your adrenaline up and down because of the terrain and winding road, but everything will be paid off when up and see the beauty Amai Beach.

11. Harlem Beach

Harlem beach is a beach located in the village of Tablanusu in Depapre District, Jayapura regency, Papua. This beach is one of the main of the many beaches that lie in around the village. Nonetheless Harlem Beach may have positions slightly recessed and has a marvelous white sand beach, unlike other beaches in the vicinity are at the seashore even more visible small stones oval. As befits we meet in every corner of Indonesia. Beach Beauty of Harlem are not yet widely spread, so that once you set foot to the beach this one.

12. Triton Beach

Triton white sandy beaches of natural beauty under the water. Various types of fish and coral reefs are in this area, namely 937 species of fish and 492 species of coral. The beauty of soft coral reef is the typical landscape that decorate the coastal waters triton. Not only the views of the coral reef and fish - inhabitants. When diving, tourists can see and explore the ruins of the British ocean liner that sank in the bay Triton. Reportedly, there is a Chinese Ming dynasty vessels sunk in the area.

13. Coastal Venue

Venue beach located on the island Venue Island, a small island located in the southern district Buruway, Kaimana. This small island has an area of ??15 hectares with sand beaches and coral reefs are very beautiful. On the beach Venue is an important area for leatherback turtles Dermochelys soriacea and Maleo Macrocephalon maleo for being the spawn area of ??These two species. Fish - small fish and shrimp - crustaceans that live in the waters Venue Beach, among the coral reefs, composed of different species. Tropical air and the availability of food make the island a destination venue birds - pelicans coming from Australia that migrate to avoid winter. Birds - pelicans that feed and breed on the beach venue.

14. Beach Tuturuga

Tuturuga white sandy beaches, such as the beach - in other Papua, a nesting area for leatherbacks. True to its name, which means turtle Tuturuga. Tuturuga coastal waters have coral reefs and their fish - small charming inhabitants, reached a depth of 30 meters below sea level. Diving and snorkeling at this beach will be a very enjoyable activity and will not be forgotten for its beauty.

15. Yen Turkish Beba

This beach is one of the white sandy beach in the district of Manokwari. Beba Yen name is derived from the character of sand beaches, which means white sand. White sand beach is 500 meters long, white sand is very smooth feel soft when held by hand. Also Read: Privileged Batam Island with a cool wind blowing, soft white sand and clear blue sea water with waves are not huge, making this beach is suitable for swimming and picnics. Yen Beba beach is a beach is much visited by tourists, especially local tourists, because of its location within easy reach. Its close proximity to the city makes this beach was full of visitors, especially on Saturday and Sunday.

16. Beach Bakaro

Bakaro beach located in the village Bakaro, The east coast of the Manokwari district. Once in the village Bakaro, Buddy will be greeted by the inhabitants with the words

17. Beach Kaironi

Kaironi beaches are in the nature reserve Mubrani - kaironi, which stretched as far as 20 km, in the district of Manokwari. Since 2000, the coastal area kaironi protected status because it is the largest nesting area for leatherbacks in Papua, followed by two other turtle species is the green turtle Chelonia mydas and hawksbill Eretmochelys imbricate. From the city of Manokwari, the beach is easily accessible by overland transportation using a motor vehicle as far as 70 kilometers for about 3 hours, also available public transportation to the coast of Manokwari town cronies. On the sandy beach tan to gray - this, visitors can see the nest - the nest of turtle eggs and the trail - the trail master turtle.

18. Beach Mansinam

Mansinam beach located on the island located in the bay Mansinam Doreri (also known as Dorey bay or bay Doreh), in the southern district of Manokwari, West Papua province. This beach has clean white sand mixed with blue clear water is very beautiful. The island has an area of ​​140.97 hectares, around the island Buddy can enjoy various nature activities, such as swimming, sunbathing and relaxing, as well as snorkeling. Mansinam coastal waters located in the bay Dorei have coral reefs were very beautiful and clean from pollution. In addition to the beach Mansinam, dives can also be done on the beach - another beach located on the island - small islands around the island Mansinam. Buddy can find a variety of small fish and colorful coral reefs - colors, which is not afraid of travelers who snorkeling. Mansinam Island is an island which is historic for the people of Papua. Because it is the entrance to the modern world civilization.

19. Um Beach

The beach is located on the island of Um Um, a small island in Makbon district, Sorong. If Buddy crave adventurous like Tom Hanks in the movie "Castaway", then the island is suitable for pal getaways. The island is very small, so it can be surrounded in just 15 minutes. Um white sandy beaches with clear blue sea water so that it looks reef fish, turtles, sea cucumbers, lobsters and beautiful coral reefs as if sculpted in its waters. Blue sky without limits makes this a perfect beach. This island visitors can dive, but must bring their own diving equipment because they have not coordinate tourism activities in the region.

20. Lake Sentani

Lake with an area of ​​9,360 hectares is the largest lake in Papua. Located about 50 km from downtown Jayapura, Sentani Lake offers incredible beauty. There are at least 21 islands that adorn the lake with a height of 75 meters above sea level. There are many activities you can do here ranging from swimming, fishing, culinary eating around the lake to rent a boat to get around the lake. In addition, there are 24 villages in sekitartempat this tour you can visit and interact directly with citizens. Sights row of houses on stilts with a fishing net becomes a natural thing you see here. What is interesting is the annual event that is the Lake Sentani Festival which is usually held in mid-June.

21. Lake Paniai

Lake Paniai not less interesting than Sentani.Danau lake is even referred to as the most beautiful lake in the Lake Se-World Conference in India on 30 November 2007, which followed 157 countries. The lake is located at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level with an area of ​​14,500 hectares. At dusk, the scenery is very beautiful sights. You could see the silhouette of the cliffs, birds in flight over the lake plus local fishing boats began docking return. Here, you can fish together women Mee and Moni tribes commonly called 'mama'. Paniai Lake is one of the largest producer of freshwater fish in Papua, many fish are found here such as carp, tilapia and tilapia fish.

22. Baliem

Baliem valley is home to the Dani, Yali and Lani are located around the Jayawijaya Mountains. Located at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea makes this place the temperature can reach 10-15 degrees Celsius at night. Here, you can see and interact directly with indigenous people still wear penis gourds for men and skirts for her tassel. In August, Baliem become tourist attractions in Papua, which attracted much attention of tourists. During the three-day annual event that is held Baliem Valley Festival. The festival is actually a way of the government to abolish the tribal wars that often occur here. Clan warfare have been banned, instead held this festival that transforms war into a cultural and artistic performances to invite tourists.

23. Tourism Village Sauwandarek

Cultural sights is only occupied about 46 households. The women here used to make hats and bags of sea pandan leaves. If you liked their work, you can buy it on the spot. Sauwandarek village still in the area of ​​Raja Ampat, precisely in the Meos Mansar. Here, you can see a traditional house made of wood and thatch roof. Here, you can dive and snorkel. Additionally, you can also trekking to the lake is unique in this village. His name Telaga Yenauwyau, is unique because the water in the lake is saltwater, not freshwater like most other water in the lake. According to local residents, in this lake there is a white turtle that if you see it then you'll have good luck.

24. Biak Noemfoor

Biak Noemfoor is one of the regencies in Papua that you must visit, situated not far from the Cendrawasih Bay. In this place, you can also visit Turkish Barito, Parai Beach Island Brosnik Rurbas and Padaido Islands.

25. TWA Table Mountain

Natural Park (TWA) of Table Mountain is located in the center of Manokwari. This place has the primary function of tourism and outdoor recreation, protection of life support systems and the preservation of the diversity of plants, animals and natural uniqueness. In this place you can do trekking activities, _dan _hiking others. Your eyes will be spoiled by a tropical forest flora is very diverse and has a unique shape. This place is believed to have hundreds of species of trees, dozens of species of shrubs, bushes, lianas and nails as well as herbs. In addition, dozens of species of orchids and several species of palm and rattan also live here.

26. Triton Bay

Triton Bay is a bay located in Kaimana, Papua, Indonesia. This region became famous for their underwater paradise and cultural heritage in it. The hidden bay located near the village of Lobo has a series of small islands coral reefs, clear waters and beaches and underwater scenery is amazing. Plus a very beautiful panorama at dusk ahead. Now the hidden paradise on earth Papua became famous by marine biologists, divers and tourists both local and foreign tourists. With a view of the sky very spectacular at dusk, they called this place as "The Fish Empire" or "Twilight City" or "The Lost Paradise".

27. Parks Biak Papua

Bird Park and Orchid Garden is one of the wizard in Biak which was founded in 1984 is located on Highway Bosnik Km.12, Rim Village, District East Biak, Biak Numfor, Papua Province. In addition as a means of tourism, this area has also become a conservation, education and research. Within these attractions there are various collections of birds and orchids. Collection consists of 33 species of birds of more than 200 birds, including birds of Paradise, Black Cockatoo, cassowary, Mambruk and Nuri. For the collection of orchid there are about 60 species of orchids which amounted to more than 1500 orchids including the native orchids of Papua, such as the Black Orchid, Orchid Kribo and Raja Orchid.

28. Asmat

What makes one of the regencies in Papua has become a worldwide tour? The answer is to Asmat UNESCO recognition as world heritage sites, and also with the holding of the Asmat Cultural Festival. A performance of artistic and cultural expression Asmat are regularly conducted since 1981, the festival presents the art of wood-carving and chiseling, the process without making sketches or patterns in advance. In addition to the sculpture, Asmat Festival also features various art performances such as dances, and performing other original art of the Asmat tribe. The participants were unsparing even can reach hundreds of people. At the end of the festival will be the auction of art that have been made at the festival.

29. Tapurarang ( Archaeologist Papua)

Tapurarang a marine area in West Papua are no less beautiful. Visitors or tourists often do diving dlokasi for a visual comparison of the bottom of the sea as it can be enjoyed dikepulauan Raja Ampat.  Sites located in the Kokas Disrik, Fakfak, West Papua, is a relic of prehistoric times. The site is in the form of a painting of human palms and animals in a very steep rock cliffs. Prehistoric paintings contained in this cliff can be found in Andamata, Fior, Forir, Darembang and Goras. Which makes this site so very interesting is the fact that despite hundreds of years old, paintings made ​​with dyes from natural materials are still visible to this day. The red color in the painting of this cliff resembled the color of human blood so that local people call it a blood painting hand stamp.

30. Monument MacArthur

MacArthur Monument is a memorial tribute to General Douglas MacArthur is a general of the United States during World War II. This monument is in Ifar Mountains, Jayapura. Here, you can go to the museum, seeing the photographs and the history of the military General MacArthur. Tourist attractions in Papua to witness the triumph of great generals who made several big war strategy. Located at an altitude of 325 meters above sea level, you can see Lake Sentani Sentani Airport and the airfield from here. MacArthur monument itself is a monument with a height of 3 meters which is dominated by yellow and black. This monument is written in the history of General Douglas MacArthur in Indonesian and English.

31. Wall berlin

Berlin wall is an area must be visited by the tourists. This place is one of the typical culinary provider of the most famous and complete especially for meals of seafood. This is a paradise for seafood lovers. Name of the beach which is quite unique, you might immediately imagine the Berlin Wall in Germany Negri. But make no mistake, in Indonesia there is also a place in the berlin wall frontage although in fact very similar to the real Berlin Wall. Moreover, it is an area where the beach is located on a side street.

32. Niagara Wafsarak

In Papua, there is a waterfall that is quite a virgin, her name Wafsarak. The waterfall is rarely visited by tourists. In fact, the nature around waterfalls, including very beautiful. The number of trees made the atmosphere cool. Its clear waters are very comfortable when touching kulit.Sepinya waterfall area Wafsarak might make you like being a ruler there. Want to play the water or swim with his friends do not need berjubelan. High waterfall reaches 10 meters. If you want to jump off a cliff into the water also. Let not bored, down the hill around the water terjuan will add to your enjoyment.

33. Niagara Tagor

A waterfall formed by natural processes is always able to attract the attention of tourists. Therefore, something that is formed by natural processes usually have a unique and artistic. Therefore, Like the waterfall tourism in general, tourism and Niagara Tagor we can also see the typical scenery amazing waterfalls, Niagara Tagor travel project which is located in Regency of Fak-Fak, West Papua province. yatu water flow freefall to the bottom and form a pool below. Interestingly, tourist attraction Niagara Tagor has a fairly high altitude, so the splash of water falling feels very heavy. This makes it even more interesting and more refreshing. That is why a tourist attraction Niagara Tagor was very interesting to visit.

34. Niagara Cyclops

Niagara Falls Cyclops-Jayapura-Land Cyclops Jayapura that have hilly plains and has a Cyclops mountain range, capable of making the sights in this city looks gorgeous and very beautiful. With the row of mountains and hills, allowing the flow of water from above and create a natural beauty of waterfalls. One of them is the Waterfall Cyclops named after the mountain from which the springs. Location and Transport To reach the location of Niagara Cyclops, the distance is not so far from downtown Jayapura. You only need a distance of about 25 kilometers and towards the Sentani Airport.

35. Niagara Kayuni

Sempatkanlah you to enjoy the green east of the country. green forest and waterfall which is a vitamin-looking eyes that can not be missed. (Niagara Kayuni, Fakfak Papua Barat)

36. PTC Waterpark

Finally, after so long awaited, is now in the city of Jayapura Entrop existing water recreational facility for families: PTC Waterpark. This waterpark is the only waterpark in the eastern region of Papua, precisely in Papua Trade Center complex Entrop Jayapura. Before it opened to the public PTC Waterpark held Soft Opening with free admission for all students and parents Papua National Plus School on December 13, 2014. Then the next day December 14, 2014 date for the entire family of employees of the company and its subsidiaries CV Bintang Mas


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