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Jember is a district that is part of the province of East Java. Jember district on the slopes of Mount Argopuro Mountains Yang and stretches towards the south to the Indonesian Ocean. In the regional context, Jember has a strategic position and role as one of the Regional Activity Centers (PKW).

Jember is an area that has a myriad of sights very beautiful such as beach tourism, nature tourism and historical attractions are all in Jember, if you want a vacation this is where the ideal, guaranteed you will not be disappointed, especially if you are visiting with relatives, spouses or a family vacation you will be guaranteed to be more fun.

Here's 36 Best Places list in Jember mandatory must-visit if you're visiting Jember

1. White Sand Beach Malikan (Papuma)

The most popular tourist spot in Jember one of which is Turkish Papuma. This beach has an extraordinary beauty. The white sand beaches and clean makes the beauty of the beach is the main attraction for tourists from various regions in Indonesia come vacation here. Papuma beach location in the village Lojejer Wuluhan District of Jember, a distance of about

2. Watu Ulo

Tourist attractions in Jember beaches that you must visit next is Watu Ulo, because it is situated adjacent to the beach Papuma. In the vicinity of this beach you can find sellers of various accessories made from the seabed. On the beach is always held events Fair in every year precisely on 1-10 Shawwal. The scenery around the beach is very charming, you will linger on this beach. The location is adjacent to the Watu Ulo Beach Papuma. The second location the beach is about 40 km from the town of Jember. Watu Ulo The name itself is taken because this beach there is a stone structure (watu) are elongated like a snake (ulo). Stones - is composed of the coast and out to sea.

3. Coastal Bandealit

The beach has become one of the favorite tourist attractions in Jember, especially for those who like water sports like body surfing. You can rent gear for body surfing which has been provided by the administrator of beaches. There are many options other than body surfing, you can choose canoeing down the river by speedboat menggunakn, or see a lot of birds hiup in the region. In the vicinity of the beach, here are the Green House that is home to orchids, you can see a collection of orchid plants, and the other attractions are a captive deer timor. Apart from tourist beaches, there are several attractions in this region, namely Green House, here you can mlihat orchid plant collections, and the other attractions are a captive deer timor.

4. Turkish Puger

The beach has become one of the favorite tourist destinations in Jember is always crowded by tourists. In the vicinity of the beach Puger also terdaoat fish auctions, you can also do fishing on this beach. You can also see Puger Watangan Nature Reserve which is located around Puger Coast region, with charm kucurnya water source. Jember Puger beach is one of the sights in jember the most crowded in the visit, especially the youth segment most love this beach for exciting entertainment venues. Puger beach is the ideal place for those who like fishing. On the beach there are fish auctions Puger, here selling fresh fish. In addition to tours on offer Puger Beach, there are also Puger Watangan Nature Reserve which is located around Puger Coast region, with the charm of water resources kucurnya

5. Beach Paseban

This beach has sand purih gorgeous. Clear seawater and breathtaking scenery around will make you feel at peace. Here is also a place to play water or bathe right, the waves are not large, even relatively calm. Therefore, many children love to play here because the waves are safe for swimming. If you are among those who love to swim, please just stop by this beach. You can reach the location within approximately 1 hour through Jl. Dike-Kencong

6. Beach Payangan

The existence of Payangan beach is not known by many people. Although not have the white sand beaches in eastern Indonesia, the charm of the beach Payangan no less cool. The beach is particularly suitable frequently visited by you explore new places. Payangan beach is a beach that is quite unique. On the beach there are hills high enough, reminiscent of the beach Mawun in Lombok. Many fishermen who conduct activities on the beach that make your visit to the beach will be more bermaknda when watching how the fishermen move

7. Coastal Wetlands Herons

Turkish Rowo Heron is one of the many beaches that have not been optimally developed for a trip, in terms of facilities and amenities clearly inadequate, but we can enjoy a real beach Susana and really feel close to nature. Here, along the shoreline looks clean without litter, and only the sound of the waves that we hear complete with exotic atmosphere typical of the south coast.

8. Niagara Tancak

This waterfall is located in a hilly area Tancak, approximately 16 km south west town of Jember. With a height of about 82 m and the water flow of 150 cubic meters / second. To get to Niagara Tancak you have to travel the length of time of about 30 minutes from the center of Jember and to the village of Saints, the location of this waterfall is located. The trip to the waterfall continued walking about - about as far as three kilometers from the village of Saint. This waterfall is located on the slopes Argopuro at an altitude of about 900 meters above sea level so you can imagine the cool air around there. The name of this waterfall is Niagara Tancak. Waterfall Tancak be around the hills Agro Tourism Mountain Coffee Gardens tides. Listen to the roar of the water that falls from height is a distinctive tranquility. Always fun to watch the waterfall falls from height in the open

9 Waterfall Tancak Write

Niagara Tancak Write this in a hamlet, village Darungan, District Embankment, Jember. His name is the same as the waterfall Tancak, but the location and the sensation is different. This waterfall is the highest in Jember and because of its height of more than 250 meters as well as the top of the waterfall is often covered in fog or clouds, many people refer to it as the "waterfall from the sky". To go to the location of the waterfall Tancak your hair will pass plantations Zeelandia Cambodgien Source Bulus. The waterfall is located in a hilly area Tancak, approximately 16 km south west town of Jember. With a height of about 82 m and the water flow of 150 cubic meters / second. To get to Niagara Tancak you have to travel the length of time of about 30 minutes from the center of Jember and to the holy village, the location of this waterfall is located. The trip to the waterfall continued walking about - about as far as three kilometers from the village Saints

10. Niagara Antrokan

This waterfall is located in the village Manggisan, District Embankment, Jember, about 1 hour drive from the city center Jember, Niagara Antrokan lower than Niagara Tancak and the distance was shorter at about half an hour's walk from peberhentian last you through the streets footpath. Niagara Antrokan has a height of about 15 meters. Not too tinngi indeed, the water discharge is not too big, but it can make us feel safe and comfortable when sitting on old wood in front of him.

11. Niagara Source Salak

Source Salak waterfall hidden location which is not even all the people around know her whereabouts. If you want to visit this place you must often ask locals who know the exact location. Prepare also combat vehicles of the prime causes impassable terrain is quite heavy. The view of this waterfall will remove the fatigue that you can during the trip. Its beauty is reminiscent of Niagara Falls, but in miniature. To get a beautiful view and sometimes we had blusukan into the forest. Similarly, in Jember, adventure lovers will be spoiled with virgin natural conditions in which stored cool places that are not widely known another traveler. Niagara Source Salak is located in the forest Sumbersalak village, district Ledokombo.

12. Waterfalls roar Slopes

Waterfalls roar slopes are located at 32 Km northeast of Jember, where there are three types of waterfalls with a height of each 25 M. The distance between one another waterfall should be reached by walking along the 1.5 km down the river. The name of this waterfall comes from the name of the source of the waterfall itself is Mount roar. Rowosari precisely located in the village, district Sumberjambe, Jember. Beautiful, green atmosphere coupled with a fragrant aroma of durian fruit from the tree will accompany your journey to the top of this waterfall.

13. Niagara Manggisan

Niagara Manggisan located at 35 Km west of the city of Jember with the height of 54 M. Debit waterfall is 198 liters per second and with a javascript: void (0); levels of great clarity and is supported by the atmosphere in a green surrounding hills. Visitors who spent time at the waterfall is also fishing in the pond provided by the surrounding community. Comforting atmosphere around the waterfall is capable of eliminating fatigue on the sidelines kesibukat for 5 working days.

14. Waterfall Watu Ondo

Watu Ondo is one of the magnets that attract tourists to visit Jember. Located in the district of Jember precisely in the District Tempurejo. To more easily able to visit plantations Kotta Blater first. To go Watu Ondo, we have to pass through the housing inhabited by farm workers berplat red. A large banner has been welcoming travelers indicating they had reached the lane walking (trekking). Parking area has been prepared by local people who are members of youth associations mosque. From the name it is clear if the parking lot is located near the mosque.

15. Baths Kebon Agung

The baths are located in Kebon Agung Kaliwates, Jember. There are two swimming pools with a natural water source that flowed directly from the spring Watu Remuk. Available for an adult with a size of 50 × 20 m international standard. There are also various facilities, sepertihotel, restaurants and playgrounds. You want to play water? Kebon Agung bath could be the right choice. The location of these baths are in Kebon Agung, Kaliwates, Jember. There are two swimming pools with a natural water source that flowed directly from the spring Watu Remuk. Available for an adult with a size of 50 × 20 m international standard. In the vicinity of the baths are available as well as various facilities such as hotels, restaurants and playgrounds.

16. The meeting Baths

Patemon bath is one of the most popular baths in Jember. The location is about 30 Km west of the town of Jember, with a height of approximately 500 m above sea level. The source of water in the baths comes from the springs Patemon slopes Argoporo Mountains. This bath is also one of the resorts are very crowded, especially on sa'at holidays and weekends. If you want refreshing and vacation, this is the place. You can spend time with family and friends - friends. The source of water in the baths comes from the springs Patemon slopes Argoporo Mountains. This bath is also one of the resorts are very crowded, especially on sa'at holidays and weekends.

17. Baths Rembangan

Bath Rembangan Located in Puncak Rembangan, in addition to enjoying the scenery around you can also enjoy facilities. There are baths, hotels, agro-tourism and coffee plantations owned by PTP Nusantara XII and dairy farm, you can immediately see the milking cows and can buy fresh milk by the number of liters. In this area, the temperature is very cold and the air is still fresh and very clean, very good for your body. It is suitable for all of us who want peace and quiet.

18. Baths shaky Sibutong

Sibutong shaky bath bathhouse is located about 10 km north of the city of Jember is a tourist location that is suitable for family recreation. Sibutong shaky name, derived from the name Uling fish, a type of eel stump, which is called Butong Madura dialect. According to local folk legend, once there are eels without a tail. The natives call it Butong (Madura). Eels can be seen by people on certain days and it is said that bathing in water and drinking can make a healthy and youthful. Visitors can reach it from the city center by rental car or public transport in about 20 minutes. Visit legend's pool with family, friends or others.

19. Site Duplang

Duplang sites, the site is located in the village of Kamal, District Arjasa. There you can find a collection of the Megalithic era like grave stones, stone menhirs up kenong. Plus this also strengthens the evidence that in a local village in ancient times there early humans who live sedentary groups and began farming. Duplang sites have some collection of megalithic relics among the grave stones, kenong, and menhirs. On the site there are various objects Duplang megaliticum ancient times as a grave stone, stone kenong, and menhirs. According to Mr. Darman, interpreters maintainer Duplang sites, this site has been around since the 4th century CE. The site is also quite frequented by students and researchers to conduct research

20. Peak Area Rembangan

The highlight? Instead it was their peak in Bogor? It turns out wrong, peak not only in Bogor. You can also enjoy the stunning scenery in the Peak Rembangan which has a height of about 650 DPL. To reach the summit Rembangan we have to travel about 15 km north of the town of Jember. Rembangan tourist area serving mountain tourism and agrotourism. Rembangan peak also has a bath with natural spring water maintained cleanliness. From here you can see the city of Jember and surrounding areas. Travel Rembnngan allure has almost the same as those in Puncak, Bogor travel. Please enjoy it while she ate a banana cheese and ginger tea specials. From here you can see the city of Jember and surrounding areas. Travel Rembnngan allure has almost the same as those in Puncak, Bogor travel.

21. Loko Lori

Lori Loko is one of the unique travel destinations in Jember. Actually, this is a carrier lorries perkembunan results. Not many people who know their antique locomotive travel is because most tourism activities are rarely exposed Sugar skelter out, so far knows only the zealots history and foreign tourists who come regularly each year. Whereas Sugar Factory holds the heritage community do not know. We are not only able to museums to see the ancient locomotive, in the Sugar also save a lot of ancient relics of the antique locomotive real history still functioning.

22. Tea Plantation Mount Gambier

Tea Plantation Mount Gambier. The location is at 48 Km northeast city of Jember. Plantation is a legacy of the Dutch colonial period since 1918 and is located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level. Mount Gambier tea estate is located on a mountain slope and is a producer of tea Argopuro considerable potential. Here, visitors can watch the tea pickers work and see how the process of making tea until ready to drink. Also provided are also facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, playgrounds and much more to support a nice holiday for the visitors.

23. Sukorambi Botanical Garden

Botanical garden is a tourist spot popular family in the town of Jember, botanical gardens is presenting the beauty of nature, a variety of plants can be encountered out in the garden, the valley views charming surrounded by the expanse of paddy fields and the cool breeze will make you feel at home in a botanical garden this. Student Life will surely be coming to this place. Sukorambi Botanical Garden is a place where you can find hundreds of different types of plants flowers and herbs. His name is also a botanical garden, an assortment of detainees contained in this place. Sukorambi Botanical Garden is a park that has an area of ​​about 4.5 ha. In Sukorambi Botanical Garden you can find more than 300 species of herbal plants and more than 200 types of flowers. In addition to plants as the main object, in this park was also built several other facilities as supporters include fish ponds, swimming pools for children and adults, cafe and library that has 500 titles of books and journals

24. Love the Gulf of Jember

Travel this one is part of the beach Payangan and also the newest attractions in muddy precisely located at the timutnya beach payagan separated by Hill, if you come to the beach Payangan then unfortunately if you miss the beauty of the Gulf of Lobe, to reach the bay love this you simply walk less lebijhnya 30 minutes you will get to the bay, if from the parking area beach Payangan, the beauty of the bay love it you can watch from the top of the hill known as hill sheep, why nicknamed hill sheep, because the surrounding area of ​​the hill there some sheep belonging to local people who also witnessed the beauty of the beach, to walk down the hill, the hill was not too high anyway, approximately 15 minutes you will arrive at the top of the hill sheep tersebu.

25. Coffee and Cocoa Agro Tourism

This tourist attraction is owned by the Coffee and Cocoa Research Center is located in the village of Nogosari Kaliwining Experimental Garden District of Rambipuji within about ± 20 km south of the town of Jember. The attractiveness of the offer is viewed cultivation of coffee, cocoa, tobacco, rubber and teak heritage, see cocoa seed processing, warehouse look of conventional tobacco dryer, see activity in laboratory studies, see the activity in the garden, as well as the purchase of seeds on site.

26. Nusa Barong

Nusa Barong is an island that is a nature reserve with an area of ​​6,100 ha. On this island can be found many species of birds, insects, and plants. A major function of this nature reserve is a refuge for ebony leaf monkey (Trachypithecus auratus) endangered. This tourist location in the district Puger or Kencong within ± 40 km to the south of the town of Jember is located in the Indian Ocean and is bordered by the state of Australia.

27. Coffee Factory gumitir

Coffee Factory gumitir that offers ecotourism. In the area of ​​the coffee plant's Dutch heritage you are not just invited to look around the coffee production, but also stroll around the gardens plus see the former railway tunnels. Additional amenities that will make you linger in the region is the area of ​​outbound and flying fox. The hills and paddy around the site to make the atmosphere more fresh and comfortable. Most traveler most like to relax in the rest area and cafe gumitir providing a chair shaped hanging giant slick to be photographed.

28. Tobacco Museum

As a region dubbed as the city of Tobacco then incomplete if visiting there, but did not visit the city's icons. Tobacco Museum is located at Unit Testing Certification for Product Quality and the Tobacco Institute. Travelers who visit will be invited to tour directly to tobacco farmers. Inside the museum is also equipped with a library that collects a variety of book knowledge about tobacco ranging from planting to processing. Provided also large LCD that will play the documentary film about the development of farming tobacco since time immemorial.

29. Betiri Meru National Park

Most of Jember district enter into Betiri Meru National Park along with Banyuwangi. Travelers are offered the model traveled adventures in the woods and the beach. This national park is a conservation area for rare flora such as Rafflesia zollingeriana and endemic animals like tigers Java Java, deer, leatherback turtles and many more. As this is a protected national park area of ​​the beaches that are in it are still very virgin like Bandealit Beach. From Jember national park can be accessed via Ambulu towards Tempurejo, Curahnongko and the last in Andongrejo as a gateway to the national park.

30. Surge Garden Jember

Agro Tourism? Mumbul Garden Jember choice !. The Searchers never yet been searching agro tourism travel ?, which is very nice with its natural, agro tourism ya cobain Mumbul Garden that are well known in Jember. Mumbul Garden is located in the village of Lengkong Mumbulsari about 7 km to the south of the city center Jember. And is one of the new attractions of PTPN XII (Persero) Mumbul Gardens. The Searchers definitely excited about if traveled in Mumbul Garden this, because it combines the concept of air travel and travel the world rubber plantation, Sengon sea, sugarcane, banana and dragon fruit with a land area of ​​approximately 24 ha, so the atmosphere was cool and cool. Because it can enjoy the water and explore the plantation. In addition, The Searchers can also acquire knowledge about the procedure of planting various types of plants. Starting from the process of planting, care, until harvest. In this Garden Bannerman also developed agro tourism papaya and banana plantation, where on certain days of the searcher can pick their own fruit papaya ripe but usually through an agreement with the manager.

31. Kimo Swimmingpool

One more baths in Jember which can be an alternative when a family recreation or a weekend getaway, Kimo Swimmingpool - is only about 4 km from the city center, providing a swimming pool in the middle of the park with a variety of beautiful flowers and trees. Party management Dammiq seems well aware of the needs of the community and surrounding Ambulu. Facilities provided to accommodate the needs of the entire family when traveling, parents can shop various needs and children can be content to play in three pools provided. The location is very easy to reach, from the direction of Jember got Ambulu traffic light turn left, follow the road about "3.5 km to the east.

32. Agro Tourism Glantangan (WAG)

This tour is in Glantangan. For those who have never heard of. Glantangan located in District Tempurejo. From the town of Jember, about the distance of 35 km to the southeast. A number of existing facilities which bikes (water cycle), children's pool, 'flyng fox', tourist trains and drive using the ATV. On certain days reserved horses for those who want to ride a horse, "he said. Agrotourism Glantangan equipped with a pool of water like a swamp dotted with lotus plant pink looks quite pretty and create an atmosphere of agrotourism is increasingly beautiful. Pool water the vehicle used for the water bike game that looks like a duck with a colorful paint unique, so travelers convenient to use a water bike around the beautiful pool of water.

33. Agro Tobacco

Jember is a tobacco town. Coat of Jember states clearly about it. Jember tobacco are well known abroad as one of the packaging materials / wrapper best cigars in the world. When the growing season, as long as the eye can see will look expanse of tobacco plants are shaded by a white roof of the net called waring. In the industrial center Bobbin managed by PTPN X in the village Candijati Arjasa Subdistrict, 10 km to the north of the town of Jember, tourists can see the process of making cigars as well buy it as a souvenir of Jember. Here is made and exhibited cigars of various types and sizes are mostly shipped to foreign countries.

34. Waterboom Niagara

Waterboom Niagara is a tourist spot in the district of Jember Ambulu is still relatively new, with a variety of water park facilities. There are two pools at the water park, the large pool as deep as 160 cm for adults & teens. And the other is a smaller pool with a depth of 6 cm for children - children. Here, you can invite a child - a child or family to spend time on vacation. Waterboom is very well suited for children's play, here there are two pools at the water park, the large pool as deep as 160 cm for adults & teens. And the other is a smaller pool with a depth of 6 cm for children - children. Here, you can invite a child - a child or family to spend time on vacation.

35. Tiara Waterpark

Tiara Waterpark is a water park the most visited in Jember. Tiara Waterpark is only approximately 2 km from University of Jember. Tiara Waterpark become one of the favorite tourist satudestinasi in Jember is visited by tourists from various regions in East Java and beyond. Location Tiara Waterpark is adjacent to the University of Jember, about 2 km course. For admission to Waterpark from 17:00 Tiara is no charge for Non Waterboom. There is also Cafe Area (free wifi & free karaoke). Tiara Waterpark is open until 10 pm. We can play freely from 5 pm to 10 pm, free of charge, in addition to that we also can go online for free and unlimited karokean. Tiara waterpark could be a favorite tourist spot free in Jember. This tourist spot offers a family atmosphere that is very exciting to play with a wide - range of games facilities are provided.

36. Jember Fashion Carnaval

Jember has an annual agenda that is very attractive to be used as a tourist attraction. The agenda is Jember Fashion Carnaval which is regularly held every year since 2001. The festival is a different theme each year, depending on the growing trend. Venue carnaval was in the main street of the town of Jember. The festival is similar to the Solo Batik Carnival is also an annual event. JFC often become a means to introduce custom clothes regions in Indonesia. Not only from Indonesia, the world's fashion trends are also often used as costumes for the show. For you fans of photography, JFC could be an object of interest to you hunt.


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