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Aceh is a province in Indonesia. Aceh lies at the northern tip of Sumatra island and is the most western province in Indonesia. Its capital is Banda Aceh. It was located near the Andaman and Nicobar islands in India and separated by the Andaman Sea. Aceh is bordered by the Bay of Bengal in the north, the Indian Ocean to the west, the Strait of Malacca in the east, and North Sumatra in the southeast and south.

Aceh is the land closest to the epicenter of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake in Aceh was hit by the catastrophic tsunami and hit most of the west coast of the province. About 170,000 people were killed or missing as a result of the disaster, but Aceh is now starting to recover .

Aceh  has quite a lot of places of tourist sites such as nature, travel and religious tourism knowledge. Aceh  is also known as S erambi Mecca  this, there are a myriad of exceptional tourism potential.

Here's 35 Best Places list in Aceh mandatory must-visit if you're visiting Aceh

1. Pulau Weh

Aceh Weh Island is a gateway not only for the province but also for Indonesia, because the island is located in the westernmost region of Aceh and directly facing the busy Malacca Strait. The island offers many spots a beautiful living coral reefs as well as the location of the beach is still clean unspoiled, for those who love diving and enjoy the underwater beauty of the island of Weh this is a very precise destination to enjoy comfort away from the hustle bustle.

Dua. Pulau Rubiah

Rubiah island located in Sabang, precisely located in the northwest of the island of Weh. Rubiah name is taken from an inscription found on tombstones that exist on this island. Rubiah island known for its underwater natural beauty. There are at least 14 of the 15 marine life which are currently protected in Indonesia. You could be diving and snorkeling here, please swim with a variety of tropical fish and enjoy the beauty of colorful coral reefs.

Tiga. Coral Island

Not only has the Thousand Islands Coral Island, Abdya also have the island not far from the Turkish headscarf and Pusong Beach. His name remains the same, namely Coral Beach. To achieve this island, visitors can rent a fishing boat which cost about USD 300,000 / boat. Shades of white sand with pine trees that shade makes the island is much visited by tourists inside and outside the region. Not only that, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater world Coast Gosong while diving or snorkeling.

4. Mount Burni Telong

Burni Telong mountain is a mountain located in the central highlands and had undermined Such characteristic of the district. Burni Telong mountain is volcanic active and has erupted on December 7, 1924 Date of causing severe damage to the surrounding environment, including agricultural land and settlements. Burni Telong in the Indonesian language interpreted by the burning mountain, at an altitude of dua,600 meters above sea level. The mountain is only five kilometers from Redeolong, Bener Meriah regency capital and airport Rembele (RBL).

Lima. Mount seulawah Inong

Mount seulawah Inong may still less famous than seulawah agam. However, the mountain is an important part of history. Seulawah Inong was once a pelatihan center of the inong Aceh during the war against the Dutch. In this region, the strength of the guerrilla war waged by the army of Aceh yan brave woman. Mount seulawah Inong can be climbed from several places, but the most familiar is from the National Park. Mount seulawah Inong has a height of 800 meters.

6. Mount Selawah Agam

Seulawah agam Aceh Besar district. Agam seulawah rich variety of tumbuhan and fauna. Call it the Sumatran tiger (Panthera Tigris Sumatraensis), Kedih (Presbytis Thomasi), hornbill (Buceros rhinocerous), and Fungi (Fungi) of various species as well as other animals. According to the newspaper, later seulawah Agam and its twin seulawah Inong will serve as a conservation area. That's important, considering the extraction of timber may be increasingly rampant there.

7. Niagara Kuta Malaka

Niagara Kuta Malaka is a waterfall located in Kuta Malaka, Samahani sub-district, Aceh Besar district, the Aceh. Approximately 600 m above sea level, which bertingkattingkat. It is said that said local people reached the 8 levels and some say 20 tingkat.Untuk to the location we have to travel as far as 30 km from the center of Banda Aceh.

8. Niagara Peukan Biluy

Niagara Peukan Biluy is Attractions Waterfall, which is one of the natural attractions that exist in Aceh Besar district, in the village Biluy, District Darul Kamal, and also a place of recreation for the locals. Tourist attractions waterfall Week Biluy was still left sisa?Sisa glory. A former timber buildings still standing rongsokannya cafe, also there are two elongated concrete seat there. To view the position immediately waterfall visitors must climb the stairs as much as 172 pieces with a slope of 45 degrees rata?Rata After the tsunami disaster last December 24, 2004, road to the waterfall Peukan Biluy badly damaged the hills even many who have lost yet been fixed

9. Niagara Blang Swimming

Niagara Blang Sidomulyo pool located in the village, North Aceh, can be reached within approximately 30 minutes of Lhokseumawe. Natural attractions of this dear one, if you miss. Because here, you can see the twin waterfalls high as 75 meters and is surrounded by shady trees. At this point a lot of people playing in the water around the waterfalls, soak in water storage pond waterfalls, or just relax at the edges only. Niagara Blang pool, you can also camp and enjoy the outdoors just the rate of Rp lima,000 per person.

10. Niagara Suhom

Niagara is located in the village of Suhom, District Lhoong. This waterfall has a height of approximately 50 meters and is divided into two levels. However, visitors are not allowed to go to level two and three for reasons of paling aman, because of the high-voltage power plants. To be able to reach the area of ??These places, you have to pass road up and down with mountain views Paro and Kulu. On the way you will see a lot of monkeys hanging around. Usually monkeys asking for fruit and snacks all road users passing.

11. Niagara Men laot

Not just any beach in Sabang, here too there is a waterfall named waterfall laot man. This waterfall disgorge from Mount Saung Keris and was in the jungle, waterfalls in the village laot Men Men laot, Village Iboih, Sabang, located about 15 km from Kota Sabang. To reach this waterfall you have to walk from the parking area about 20 minutes.

12. Loyang Koro Cave

The cave is located at the edge of the marine lake of fresh capital of Takengon with the distance of approximately lima kilometers east of the capital city of Takengon, this cave is one of the attractions that sanngat lovely and beautiful too crowded visitors on holiday, this cave is located at the foot of Mount Birahpanyang , dropped down to about 15 meters through the shoreline of the way towards excl. Star, this cave also has a depth of approximately 110 meters, to enter into the cave can be reached by a footpath.

13. Cave daughter pukes

Caves daughter pukes is one of the attractions in Central Aceh is located foothills districts plumpness direction toward Nosar roughly about dua km from the capital of Central Aceh district, according to the legend of Princess Pukes from the ground Gayo, who mengisah a princess who menyakai a prince of another kingdom and begged his parents to mareka in marrying off, initially the putrid parents did not approve because the prince is very much country, but the princess and the prince was very determined to fight for her love, finally mareka at marry. After marrying the princess had to stay with her husband and in the kingdom. Daughter pukes excuses to her parents and escorted by bodyguards, even if with a very sad heart that their parents must also release their children.

14. Cave Datu Loyang Red Mege

Caves Loyang Datu Red Mege is an attraction panoramic very beautiful, this cave is located in Isak District of Linge about 26 km from the capital city of Takengon, beauty cave laying datu is equipped with a resort and seating to enjoy the jetted flowing bottom of Goa. According Petua (parents witnesses of history) in Linge, formerly the cave was used to bring the buffalo crossing from Linge to Takengon, and vice versa from Takengon Linge to Takengon.Menuju to the location of the cave from the highway down the cement steps that made the local government. Various plants grow around the cave, among others durian (Durio zibethinus), magick, walnut (Aleurites moluccano), cinnamon (Gly-cyrhiza glabra), coffee (Coffea sp), geding, bamboo (Bambusa Sp), and Damar (Shorea javanica ).

15. Caves and cave niche niche Mendale tip reef

The cave is located under the foot of a hill only a distance of about 100 meters from the lake Lut Tawar and 30 meters from the road Kemukiman residents of the village Mandale, at Location cave niche was discovered skeletons current research and excavation team Balar (Hall archeology field) that the working area of ??North Sumatra and Aceh. This niche cave can be used where the shelter when his hujan.Dengan discovery of human skeleton in the cave recesses praserah Mendale or pan niches and caves recesses Mandele Ujung Karang District of Lut Tawar Takengon area more widely known. The human skeleton found an estimated age of 6,500 years even frameworks are aged 7400.

16. Travel Forest Park / Tahura Pocut Meurah Intan

Forest Park Attractions Pocut Meurah Intan is located in a cluster of forested areas seulawah Agam, is 70 kilometers from the city of Banda Aceh, the dominant vegetation in the mountains and pine forests Merkusi. Administratively located in the district of Aceh Besar and Pidie, Aceh Province. Pocut Tahura topographical conditions, generally berbukit?Bukit. A small percentage is square with the status as an independent state forests with a height of 0 to 40 meters above sea level (DPL) and is located at the foot seulawah agam.

17. Nature Reserve Jantho

Nature Reserves Jantho From Banda Aceh (the capital of Aceh Province) is about 50 Km. A variety of tumbuhan and fauna live in this nature reserve. When the best visit in April s / d in August (dry season) to enjoy the scenery / scenery is beautiful. Types of flora that can be found among pine forests, Mampre, Jambu water, Gleum, Bremen, Sampang, Ara, Damar, Medang, Ebony, Beringin, Meranti, Kandis, Rambutan forest, Tampu, Ketapang, Medang fig, Lukup, Looks, Lawang , Semiran, Anang, Jenarai, Kerakau, Rengen, Merbau. While the diversity of hewan that can be encountered as a gibbon, gibbons, clouded leopard, forest cat, deer, deer, hare, Napu, elephant, mountain goats, bears, anteaters, loris, Kuao.

18. Attractions Putroe Aloeh / Pucok Krueng

Attractions Putroe Aloh or better known as Krueng Pucok is located in the district of Sungai Pinang Flow. Named Pucok Krueng, because the rivers in the region located upstream (Pucok: upstream, Krueng: river). While the naming Putroe Aloh, the story is not much different from the story Malem Diwa and 7 daughters or Jaka Tarun and the Seven Angels. Pucok nature in Krueng is still very beautiful. Clear river with nutmeg plantations around him make sense of fatigue after work.

19. Krueng Babahrot

Just like Pucok Krueng in Alur Sungai Pinang, Krueng (stream) located in the District Babahrot, Abdya also offers views of the beautiful nature. Crystal clear river, big rocks, and shady trees capable of soothing the eye can see. This attraction is directly adjacent to the national road of Southwest Aceh - Nagan Raya so to achieve it is not difficult.

20. Kuala Merisi

Kuala Merisi is a place to enjoy the beach with a quiet atmosphere too quiet. Located in Ketapang village, subdistrict of Krueng Sabee. With a long coastline and small waves Kuala Merisi beach is perfect for splashing on the shore. You can enjoy the waves from the shore with a mat, felt the cool breeze coast. Not infrequently, one tourist spot is used for surfing locations because the waves are very suitable for water sports.

21. Pantan Eggplant

Pantan eggplant is a hill that used to enjoy the beauty of Central Aceh from above. This tourist spot located at an altitude of about 1830 meters above sea level. If you want to come to these attractions do not forget to bring a jacket and a sweater because the air around here is quite cold. You can see Lake Laut Tawar that resembles a giant cauldrons from here. In addition you can also enjoy sunrise and sunset with very beautiful scenery. So, prepare your camera to immortalize this moment.

22. Lake Laut Tawar

Laut Tawar Lake is a lake and the region is in the Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh district. In the west of this lake there Takengon town which is the capital of Central Aceh district. Tribes that inhabit the area are the Gayo tribe. Call this lake called Lake Laut Tawar. The lake has an area of ??Approximately lima,472 hectares, a length of 17 km, and a width of 3,219 km. Known as Lake Laut Tawar lake water area is very spacious, and the water in the lake is also a fresh water.

24. Elephant Training Centre Saree

For those of you who do not know, Aceh pick the elephant population is quite high. Even the people of Aceh provides a special title for elephants, namely Tengku Rayeuk. In the kingdom of Aceh led by Sultan Iskandar Muda, Aceh has about 40,000 troops tail trained elephants. Well, if the ancient elephant used military force, then the Gini elephants are trained for other purposes. One is to banish the wild elephants that could endanger residents in the surrounding forest. The elephants were trained Saree Elephant Training Centre. Saree Elephant Training Center is located in the district of Aceh Besar.

25. Home Cut Nyak Dien

Who has not heard the name of Cut Nyak Dien? He was one of the heroes of Indonesian women who earned the nickname Heroine Indonesia. If you're visiting Aceh Besar, you can visit the historical sites home Cut Nyak Dien. Cut Nyak Dien house is located at Jalan Cut Nyak Dien, Lampisang village, district Peukan Bada, Aceh Besar. At home that was formerly Cut Nyak Dien shelter and strategize war. And in the home of this reason people took refuge during the tsunami in 2004.

26. Fort Iskandar Muda and Fort Indraparta

Indraparta a bastion fortress built since the Kingdom Lamuri which is the first Hindu kingdom in Aceh. Indraparta fortress is a relic of the Hindu kingdom located on the coast of Ujong Batee, precisely in the village Ladong Mesjid Raya sub-district, Aceh Besar district. Not far from there Indraparta Fortress Fortress Iskandar Muda. Inside the Fortress Iskandar Muda, there are two wells are shaded dome-shaped building. Iskandar Muda fort is directly opposite the Strait of Malacca.

27. Reservoir Keuliling

Reservoir Keuliling Aceh is in the village of Lam Leuot Glie district of Kuta Cot, Aceh Besar. From the road leading to the dam Aceh Medan?Banda this we can take far more than seven (7) kilometers. Keuliling reservoir located between the bukit?Bukit provide an atmosphere of its own, which is a reservoir Keuliling artificial travel used by local residents as a place to let go of a hobby for those who love fishing.

28. Baths Krueng Baru

Baths Krueng Baru is one of the main tourist attraction is quite crowded in the district of Aceh Barat Daya, visitors usually come here to just enjoy the hustle or deliberately bathe in the river which has a large volume. River water itself is used for irrigation farmers in the surrounding communities.

29. Baths Krueng Susoh

Is one of the most beautiful dam which is located in the district. Blangpidie, village of Mata Ie, Aceh Barat Daya. This dam has been made the object of Tourism because it has a quiet and cool water. Baths Krueng around Susoh already there are many canteens and Cafe-cafe. The view looks too beautiful, is not inferior to other attractions that exist in Aceh Barat Daya.

30. Takengon

Tired of the crowded tourist spot to spot unusual tourist location? Try to start traveled with nature and life that offers direct interaction with the people around were friendly. One of the sites that offer such advantages are Takengon is the capital of Central Aceh district. In this city we will find a beautiful natural ambience with residents' lives were still very friendly. Takengon is at an altitude town that make this city known as the land above the clouds, the landscape is very green with the climate and the cool air so as to make fresh visitors. Overlays coffee trees, pines and crystal clear freshwater lakes emphasizes the naturalness of this city.

31. Alas River Mount Leuser National Park

Why this river to be special because the river pedestal has a very clear river with a winding river shape and is located in one of the largest green tropical forests in the world. The river is very suitable to be a material of adventure for young people who like a challenge with berarum rafting, jeramnya challenging to clean rivers make visitors are craving to feel the sensation. Naturally, if then various adventurers from many different countries who come to the river board to feel the challenge.

32. Kilometre Zero monument

Kilometre Zero monument Incomplete feel if a vacation to Aceh but did not visit the monument Kilometer Zero. This monument is a symbol of the country's borders Indonesia. The location of the monument in the village of Ujong Iboih Ba'u, district. Sukakarya, Kota Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh. The distance between the monument and the zero kilometer Sabang town is about 29 km and takes approximately 55 minutes using a motor vehicle

34. Tsunami Museum

In 2004 Tsunami hit Aceh and leaving Aceh sorrow for the people who have survived at the time. To commemorate the same time respect the victims who died in the tsunami, built a Tsunami Museum located at Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda in 2009. There is a long corridor coupled with the roar of the waves and the water running down the hall that will remind you of the great catastrophe. Many tourists who visit this museum and see what is left of a tsunami wave. There are many things the rest of the tsunami disaster on display. Like a bicycle belonging to the victim. In addition to the rest of the objects of the disaster, there is also a photo story about the death and the testimony of survivors, and also electronic earthquake simulation tools.

35. Masjid Raya Baiturrahman

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque was built by Sultan Iskandar Muda in 1612 and has become an icon of Aceh. Masjin Baiturrahman also be the object of religious tourism in Aceh were crowded because of its grandeur and beauty. The main building of the mosque is white with large black dome surrounded by seven towers. Impression of majestic mosque is increasingly felt by the large pool and fountain at the front of the mosque.

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