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If visiting a city, it is incomplete if it does not taste the typical cuisine of the city, especially the city of Makassar, a city that provides many unique culinary very tasty and very appetizing.

This is the typical culinary Makassar 3 that must be tested:

1.Coto Makassar

3 Culinary Makassar Mandatory Attempted

Coto Makassar Makassar is a typical food of the most well-known than the food lain.Coto Makassar has another name, namely Coto mangkasara. Coto Makassar main ingredient is made of beef offal boiled in a long time. Stew beef offal mixed is then sliced ??And seasoned with herbs, blended in spesifik.Kuliner typical of Makassar's usually served in a bowl and eaten using the diamond and

2.Sup Konro

3 Culinary Makassar Mandatory Attempted

Konro soup is a traditional dish made of Makassar ribs or beef. Soups Konro dark brown, dark color comes from the fruit kluwak which is black. In addition, Konro Soups feels very strong, strong tastes that result from the use of cilantro.

The typical cuisine Makassar was already known since the 1960s loh .. Previously, Konro Soups introduced by a teacher who Hanafing. In 1962, he was starting a business in the area Suo Konro Karebosi field, Makassar. And in just over eight years, compounded Hanafing and delicacy Soups are increasingly terkenal.Sup Konro Konro usually eaten using a small rhombus which usually cut first. In addition, Konro Soups are also more palatable in a state that is still hot.

3.Ice Green Bananas

3 Culinary Makassar Mandatory Attempted

Es very fresh green bananas consumed during the day is indeed very popular in many areas, but it turns out this drink comes from the city of Makassar loh..Es green bananas made of the main banana wrapped using flour green. Besides it tastes very fresh, ice turns green bananas also have many benefits loh..Dengan eat green bananas, can help normalize the work of water absorption in the intestine. Ice green bananas are also very nutritious for people suffering from Magh. In addition, other benefits of green bananas is to act on brain development as well the ability to think and mengingat.Tak only that, it turns green bananas are also very useful for pregnant women loh ..

Among other benefits, solve constipation problems because constipation is a disorder of pregnancy that often occur. Other benefits is to increase growth and help the digestion of hemoglobin in pregnant women. And mannfaat most important thing is to prevent bleeding after childbirth.


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