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Medan is the capital of North Sumatra province. The area is the largest city outside of Java and metropolitan third largest in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya , Medan is the gate region of western Indonesia and also as a gateway for tourists to get to attractions Brastagi in the Karo highlands, attractions captive orang-utans in Bukit Lawang, as well as the area of Lake Toba.

Terrain has a myriad of sights with a very beautiful view, if you want a vacation to a place where the suitable venue, guaranteed you will not be disappointed but you will feel happy, especially if you are visiting with relatives or family is guaranteed to be your vacation will be more fun.

Here's a list of 28 Best Places in Medan mandatory you should visit:

1. Mount Sibayak

Sibayak mountain is a mountain overlooking the city of Berastagi in North Sumatra. Karo tribal people call the mountain Sibayak with sebutuan

2. Pulau Samosir

Tourist attractions in Medan were actually within the vicinity of Lake Toba is the island of Samosir. According to reports from local residents, Samosir island that is the attractive icons in the world of tourism in North Sumatra (tourist spots in the terrain and its surroundings). Geographically, the island has a height of a thousand meters above sea level the area is still pure natural. If we are going to set goals safari to the island of Samosir, then we will gain additional knowledge about the history of Batak. That said, on this island, we can study or do research in culture and tradition of Batak.

3. Niagara Dwi Warna Sibolangit

Niagara Dwi Warna Sibolangit Sibolangit located in the district. This waterfall presents a gorgeous rush of water. Just spent two hours from the city of Medan, we can get natural area Sibolangit. On the other hand, trees that thickened around waterfalls make mountain atmosphere was so cool at the same time full of natural scenery. There were so beautiful and unique there. If we look keenly, the dominant color in the waterfall consists of two namely: warm water with white and blue with the cold water.

4. Sipiso - Piso

Sipiso-Piso Tongging Village is remarkable. In general, the higher this waterfall is one hundred and twenty meyer very close to Mount Sipiso-Piso. Through this waterfall (if we ride over the hill), so we were able to see Lake Toba from there. A place where nature in Medan is also very suitable to be obek photographers to capture photographs of natural well. With the natural scenery was incredible, Sipiso-Piso be the best recommendation to try a natural place.

5. Waterfall Sigura - Gura

Niagara Sigura-Gura is one of the tourist attractions in Medan is quite popular with the beauty of the waterfall. High waterfall is about two hundred and fifty meters of the area is in a landscape that is very close to Lake Toba. With the yanga forest around the waterfall, the wind gentle bersepoi who make themselves feel the coolness of that charge. If we look from a distance, the waterfall here as if there curahatan water raksasas with pounding water falling. Indeed, waterfalls here have the major source of the River Orphanage.

6. Lake Toba

Lake Toba is a volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide, located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. This lake is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Lake Toba was formed because the process volcanologist who reputedly the widest and largest in the entire world. The natural beauty that is Lake Toba is very beautiful and amazing. With the atmosphere is very cool because the wind is gentle, Lake Toba giving spirit at the same spirit of livelihood for local communities that ketiban blessings.

7. Lake Siombak

Siombak lake is located in the village of Paya Pasir, Medan Marelan. Siombak Lake is an artificial lake with an area of ​​40 hectares located between the Deli River and River Falls. Although the lake is an artificial lake, but the water is very clear with turquoise color. This is because at the bottom of the lake overgrown with moss and algae. According to the story around, the lake was formed due to excavation that will be used unruk Belmera highway construction. Amenities in the clear water of the lake and a bit greenish which caused many aquatic plants is quite complete. Ranging from food stalls, sellers of accessories and also a boat or canoe for a tour around the lake.

8. Lake Linting

Linting lake has a unique form of green and blue color of the water around him there are rocks. Linting lake is in kecataman STM-interest Upstream Downstream Sibunga village Deli Serdang that can be taken about 2 hours using a motor vehicle. The lake is small and has a mystique but soothing as disekelingnya no trees with long roots. This tourist spot is actually a volcanic lake with an area of ​​about one hectare, so this lake also contains a lot of sulfur.

9. Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang is presenting tours for travelers to conquer kehuidupan explore the forest with a variety of animals very much. With the embodiment of tropical forests, laang Hill is close to Gunung Leuser National Park. The tourist area surrounding terrain is very much favored by tourists who come from Indonesia or abroad. Therefore, if we want to visit there for penginapaannya do not worry, because there is a guesthouse that is ready to be occupied.

10. Taman Alam Lumbini

This attraction is located on the slopes of Mount Sibayak. This place became a favorite destination for domestic and foreign tourists. In addition to a place so naturally, this park has an a pagoda similar to Shwedago Pagoda in Myanmar. This pagoda belonged to Buddhism whose length is about six-nine meters with a height of about forty-six point eight meters. On the other hand, the appeal of this attraction is there are two thousand five hundred statues of Buddha that is so powerful. If we come to these places then we would be treated to the building is covered with shades of gold so bright and elegant.

11. Tangkahan

Tangkahan is an area in Gunung Leuser National Park (TNGL), Langkat, North Sumatra. To achieve Tangkahan from Medan you have to travel as far as 3-4 hours. With the topography of the land is hilly, lush tropical forests, and the cool air, Tangkahan very suitable for the lovers of nature. Various exciting things you can do in Tangkahan, among others: Trekking (into the jungle) with elephant riding, playing in a small waterfall near the confluence of Sungai Buluh and Sungai Batang Serangan, into the cave of bats, and tubing (up tire with the flow river).

12. Heat Dolok High King

Heat Dolok High King is one of the tourist attractions in Medan which are visited. Many people are fascinated and amazed by this. If we come to the Snow King's High Heat Dolok be gained insight into the particulars of natural limestone hill with a unique color. Therefore, things like snow is actually adalag limestone hills. On the other hand, in the middle of this attraction are lakes with water hot enough and the color turquoise. Although this attraction is not so well known, but the Heat mountain snow High King is very potential.

13. Taman Buaya Acid Beetle

Acid Beetle Crocodile Park is the largest crocodile park in Indonesia where there are at least 2,500 crocodiles of various sizes. In addition to the largest crocodile park in Indonesia, crocodile park has also become the largest in Southeast Asia. If you want to get a different holiday experience, try to visit the crocodile park Acid Beetle. According to information, this breeding place initially managed a family that has some kind of crocodile in their backyard. Not unexpectedly crocodile in captivity is more and more and eventually turned into a crocodile farm. The location of this crocodile park in the village of Acid Beetle.

14. Adhi Maha Vihara Maitreya

Adhi Maha Vihara Maitreya one faith based travel destinations. This attraction bertampat in housing Cemara Asri, Medan. That said, this monastery is one of the largest in Indonesia. If we would come to this place then it is worth knowing is do not make noise in the monastery. Therefore, the Buddhists worship must be quiet and contemplative, so that various intolerable unrest there. In general, this temple has an area of ​​outstanding which is about four point five hectares. In architecture and teaching, this monastery refers to the behavior and character of Maitreya Buddha.

15. Graha Santa Maria Annai Velangkanni

Santa Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni a religious tourist place in Medan which is responsible for the Catholic church. The place is Graha Santa Maria Annai Velangkanni. Although the place is intended for the Catholic church, but this place can also be used as a tourist spot kesejarahaan (spiritual). Although this church for the Catholic church, from Sisia precisely similar to the architecture of Hindu temples. The building is very unique and proves that Medan is a city full of plurality. The name of the church was adapted from the name of Annai Velangkani is a mother of Velangkanni.

16. Cultural Tourism on the island of Nias

Tourist attractions in Medan which is very famous in Indonesia (and the world) is the island of Nias. He is known because there are traditional stone jumping praises it. In fact, in the thousand rupiah (old prints) also featuring people doing jumping tradition of stone. Stone wall in the Nias Island is under two meters so that it is easy to jump by young kids there, but of a different story if we were mlakukan leap. Tourist attractions like this is full of attractions that treats local knowledge. If we are going to this island, remember that we must come to the village Bawomatauo. Beginning of why there are traditional stone jumping This is because there was once a habit Perng between villages on the island of Nias.

17. Region Chinatown

Chinatown is a tourist spot in the center of the culinary field. You can find a wide range of menus, such as duck rice Hainan, various noodle, rice cake vegetables, vegetable rice, Peking duck, and satay. Chinatowns Medan located at Jalan Semarang. There you can see the diversity of ethnic groups in Medan, from Chinese citizens, Batak, Karo, Java, India, Nias, Padang, European tourists - young and old - all of whom enjoy culinary variety in Semarang Jl. Every day, starting at six o'clock, Jl Semarang will be met by the carts of street vendors until midnight. In addition to taste good, cuisine in Chinatown is also very affordable.

18. Kampung Medan Madras / Kampung Keling

Kampung Medan Madras (also known as Kampung Keling). Kampung Keling is home to people of Indian descent of ethnic dark skinned or rivet. Residents of Indian descent are also adds to the historical journey of the city of Medan. The Kampung Keling, you can see ancient buildings Dutch colonial heritage and temples into places of worship. One of them is the Shri Mariamman built in 1884. Shri Mariamman temple is the largest in Kampung Keling and a parent of a number of temples in the village of ethnic Tamils ​​in other fields. Besides enjoying the historical and cultural attractions, you can also enjoy a unique culinary and shopping Indian trinkets typical Indian Kampung Keling.

19. Zoo Medan (Medan Zoo)

Medan Zoo is a zoo in Medan, Indonesia. The location is located in the Village Simalingkar B, Medan Tuntungan, about 10 kilometers from the city center towards Brastagi. About 1,000 people visit the zoo's 30 hectares each end of the week. On ordinary days, the number of visitors is estimated at 150 people every day. Although this place is filled with animals-the animals were so savage, we need not worry if you want to come here. Therefore, there is already contained the safe management and accountable. If we are going to this place then take the family so that the atmosphere is becoming increasingly violent.

20. Tjong A Fie (Tjong A Fie Mansion)

Tjong A Fie is located at Jl. Jend. A. Yani No. 97-99, Medan. Tjong A Fie is a tycoon who is highly respected in his lifetime. 150 years after the birth of Tjong A Fie, namely in 2009, the family decided to open a Tjong A Fie Tjong A Fie Mansion to the public. But of course there are some parts of the house are not allowed to enter the visitor for Tjong A Fie family still live there. In Tjong A Fie, you can enjoy a beautiful and magnificent building which has a blend of Chinese architecture, European and Malay. You will gain admiration at the sight of luxury furnishings that are still largely original, such as chandeliers from Austria. Tjong A Fie open every day starting at 09:00 to 17:00.

21. Masjid Raya Medan

Masjid Raya Al Mashun better known as the Great Mosque of Medan is located at Jalan Singamangaraja No. 718, Medan. The mosque is located in the heart of Medan was built on August 21, 1906. The style of the building is a mix between Morocco, Europe, Indonesia, and the Middle East. The mosque building is so unique circular design with octagonal and has four main foyer at the front, rear, and left and right side. Dome of the mosque was rectangular with decorations crescent at the end of the roof. In addition, the walls have a floral d├ęcor painted with oil paint.

22. Istana Maimun

Maimun Palace is located at Jalan Brig Katamso, Village Talbot. Maimun Palace built by Sultan Deli, Sultan Mahmud Al-Rashid in 1888 and was completed in 1891. Built with the architectural design of Italian style, the palace with an area of ​​2,777 square meters consisting of two floors and is divided into three main building, the left wing of the building for wings right. There are at least 30 rooms in the palace were thick with pangaruh European culture.

23. Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery

Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery is a museum and a gallery that contains animals that have been preserved. Gallery holds more than 1000 animals are preserved from different parts of the world. Gallery is also the first in Asia. You can see a variety of birds, mammals, animals typical of Indonesia, a typical African animals, Ibex, Komodo and a variety of other animals that are very similar to a living animal. Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery is located at Jalan S Parman No. 309, Medan

24. Museum Bukit Barisan

The museum was opened in 1971, which is an interesting place to visit because stored inside historic objects at the time of Indonesia's independence struggle against the insurgency in 1958. The values ​​dimuseum history provides an overview of Struggle hero past greatness. The museum is located at Jln. Zainul Arifin and relatively easy to find.

25. Museum of North Sumatra

Museum of North Sumatra located along Jalan HM Joni No. 51, Medan. This museum is the largest museum in North Sumatra, which has a variety of historical and cultural heritage of North Sumatra. Museum that stands on an area of ​​10 468 square meters consists of two floors, divided into several rooms, are permanent exhibition rooms, temporary exhibition space, audio visual room, and others. Museum of North Sumatra has a 6799 collection consisting of typical animal Sumatra, dioramas of prehistoric life, statues of Hindu heritage - Buddhist, and other historical relics.

26. Medan Merdeka Walk

Merdeka walk or more often called MW by the citizens of this field is one of the tourist centers in the culinary field. Besides being a culinary center here also there are a lot of entertainment and arena performances. Merdeka Walk was conceived at the time as Medan Mayor Abdillah and inaugurated on April 14, 2005. The location is taking ex-area parking lot located in Freedom Square in the City Hall Jalan transformed into culinary. Its location in the shade of tamarind trees planted hundreds of years old since the Dutch era. So, during the day the heat does not sting because of restrained cool shade of a tree, while the evenings are various models of decorative lights affixed on the branches and trunks of trees.

27. Funland Mikie Holiday

Funland is located at Mikie Holiday Mikie Holiday Resort in Berastagi, approximately 65 km from the city of Medan. Holiday Mikie Funland This is a tourist spot that is perfect for those who want to unwind as well as stimulate adrenaline. Holiday Mikie Funland about 40 rides. There are rides for kids like Grasshopper, Kiddy Ride, and Happy Ocean. Also the extreme rides that stimulate adrenaline like Tsunami, Volcano, T-Rex, Dino vs. Dino, and much more. Funland Mikie Holiday is only open on weekends and holidays is located in the vast land with a cool air. Funland Mikie Holiday is also equipped with public toilets, P3K clinic, shuttle bus, restaurant, and lodging at Mikie Holiday Resort. Holiday Mikie Funland opened at 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m..

28. Playground Hillpark Sibolangit

Green Hill City or Hillpark Sibolangit area located in Deli Serdang. This place is a recreational area similar to Dufan Jakarta. This place is the game that can be said to be the widest in Sumatra. Therefore, this place stretches across an area of ​​twenty hectares. The place is as the name suggests "Hillpark Sibolangit" which means to be at a height of about five hundred and fifty meters. The concept actually raised almost the same with the concept of Dufan or Trans Studio. You can enjoy rides ranging from roller coasters, ferries wheel (Ferris wheel), 4D theater, as well as a 1,200 amphitheater for performances and concerts. In addition, the condition of the playground is pretty clean and had a cool air.


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