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Ponorogo is an area in East Java province. The area is located west of the province of East Java and the adjacent province of Central Java, or more precisely 220 km southwest of the provincial capital of East Java, Surabaya.

Ponorogo known by the nickname City of reog or Earth reog because this region is the area of origin of Reog, not only the arts are well known in Ponorogo. Turns Ponorogo also has many interesting sights.

Roxburgh has sights with a very beautiful view, if you want a vacation to a place where the suitable venue, guaranteed you will not be disappointed but you will feel happy, especially if you are visiting with relatives or family is guaranteed to be the holiday you would have more fun.

Here's 28 Best Places list in Ponorogo mandatory you should visit:

1. Mount Pringgitan

Mount Pringgitan located in the District of Slahung, Ponorogo, East Java (East Java) offers the sensation of altitude travel. Of peak Pringgitan, especially at night, tourists can see the beautiful panorama Ponorogo City. Pringgitan hill located in the village Caluk, district Slahung. Here we can stare reog city as well as the stars bertaburuan. Do not forget to prepare a thick jacket to drive away the cold. Because of its location in the middle of East Java, Ponorogo does not have a beach. However, a number of hills and mountains will make you fascinated with the city. One of them,

dua. Mount Bayangkaki

For those of you who like hiking, you can reach Mount Bayangkaki. This mountain has four peaks, among others, highlight Ijo (Gunung Ijo), peak Tuo (Tuo mountain), Batch Peak (Peak Bayangkaki) and Gentong peak (Mount Gentong) .From all four peaks of the course, you will gain experience and sensation different, good luck.

3. Mount Elephant

Mount Elephant is located in District Sambit with an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level. The peak is not too difficult to achieve, can be through walkways wide enough for a motorcycle, although the terrain is quite challenging. Menjamahi mountain peaks is an addiction. Views of the sunrise with clouds beneath our feet, plus a silhouette of the mountain peaks in the distance it makes excited. Well, if you want a similar view in Ponorogo, explore the summit of Mount Elephant.

4. Gunung Bedes

Mount Bedes is the tourist potential. Mountain / hill Bedes located in the hamlet Buyut Ngadirojo Sooko village is worth a visit because of its top we can enjoy nature Ponorogo from a height. From the peak we also can capture the moment through the camera with a challenging spot and the view of Mount Bayangkaki.

Lima. Waterfall Widodaren

Widodaren waterfall located in Bulu Village District of Jambon Lor Ponorogo 30 minutes drive from the main square ponorogo westward towards Sub Jambon. This waterfall is very beautiful and still and natural. To be able to go to the maximum during the rainy season because of the small water flow in the summer. To get to this spot could easily drive up to the parking of motor protracted foot. When we see from the top of the waterfall or rise above the hill looks vast and beautiful scenery of mountains and many trees we could relax and enjoy the natural beauty ponorogo.

6. Niagara Juruk Shrine

Niagara Juruk temple located on the border between the districts ponorogo with Trenggalek. Dianamakan jenuk pagoda because the location is squeezed in between two mountain tibing rocks. Besides the waterfall is also known by the name of the waterfall stacks, this is of course because of its location in the village of stacks. Here you will find a waterfall with a height of about 45 meters with a spring that water looks green underneath.

7. Niagara Pletuk

Pletuk Falls is a waterfall with a height of approximately 30 meters Kranggan arriving in the hamlet, village Jurug, Sooko. The sound of falling water generates bubbles cool plus views of the surrounding green waterfall that makes visitors linger at this place. The waterfall is named Pletuk brownish drain water rushing in the rainy season. Located in the hills which is about 460 meters above sea level, you can enjoy a fresh panorama around the water terjun.Baca more here: New Charm Waterfall Pletuk

8. Niagara Toyomerto

This waterfall is located in the District Ngebel approximately 5 km from the lake, located in the hamlet Toyomerto precisely vanished village. The waterfall is also known as the Niagara Selorejo. This waterfall consists of two levels of water in the stream that falls from the rock. Each level has a height of 25 to 30 meters. The path to this place quite extreme. Winding, uphill, with steep cliffs on either side. But, your troubles really commensurate with views that you get in this waterfall. In addition to unspoiled destinations, you can also see a pine tree forest and coffee plantations nearby.

9. Niagara Sunggah

Niagara Sunggah in the village of Egg, district. NGRAYUN, with a height of 50 m. Not far away there is stone answered, ledge in the middle of pastures as high as 125 m for rock climbing. Location Niagara is in the village of Egg NGRAYUN Water District that came rushing from the heights, falling on the rocks beneath it raises the gurgling sound of water add a beautiful atmosphere. The water comes from the mountains feels so cold to the touch. In addition to the cold, flowing water is very clear. Not only that, the flow of the waterfall Sunggah under which met different kinds of fish continues to flow throughout the year.

10. Air Terjun Cars ( Coban Friendly)

Coban is the name of the waterfall. Coban Lawe is a waterfall located in the District of Pudak precisely located in the village of Krisik. Coban Lawe is in the middle of an unspoiled forest and not much visited. Coban Lawe water from the slopes of Mount Wilis and very clear. There are several waterfalls around Coban Lawe yet untouched.

11. Lake Ngebel

Lake Ngebel is a natural lake which is situated at the foot of Mount Wilis. Located at an altitude of 734 meters above sea level, you will be treated to a blue water surface with the cool air of the hills. From the city center Ponorogo, you can reach this place with a distance of about 30 kilometers, or about 45 minutes towards the District Ngebel, the northern part of Ponorogo. Lake Ngebel is not familiar to most people, the lake is located in District Ngebel features views of unspoiled lake. This lake is located approximately 30 km from the city. Every 1st of Muharram in this lake float Minutes of Prayer was held as part of the commemoration Grebeg Suro.

12. The Keyang

Keyang time is a reference of the river that flows from the slopes of Mount Wilis through Sooko River to Madison. The stream can be used as a fishing spot with natural landscapes supported around the river. The flow of the river will also be built in Cachoeira reservoir which is under Mount Bayangkaki.

13. Goa Lowo

Goa Lowo is in a fairly inaccessible location is probably the cause why this cave is always deserted of tourists visit. Location prayers are in the area of ??Teak forests and requires little effort to get there. We had to walk through a forest of teak muddy during the rainy season. This cave is located in the village of Sampung, District Sampung. About 25 km from the city center Ponorogo. Although the atmosphere is a bit mystical, visited this cave will be an enjoyable experience. Especially for you who like adventure

14. Goa Maria Fatima

In addition to the potential of nature tourism, Ponorogo eastern part also has the potential of religious tourism. Potential include Goa Maria Fatima. Goa Maria Fatima is located in the village of Klepu Sooko a place of worship Catholics. The place is always visited by pilgrims from outside Ponorogo Ponorogo and even from outside of East Java. It lies below the slope of the mountains and pine forests make this place very convenient to visit. So that pilgrims who come to this place to feel at home because of its coolness. In this place there is also a spring (springs) benama Spring Waluya Jatiningsih.

15. Beji Sirah keteng

This attraction in the form of beji (pool) and a statue. Beji Sirah keteng a pool of approximately 1 hectare. Near the pool there is also a giant human statue. Locals named the statue

16. Stone said

Stone said this is just the road NGRAYUN-range eggs, in the village district NGRAYUN Namely, a large rock that was in the middle of the meadow. Rock by local residents then called Stone said, because if someone will yell reverberated like a shout in a cave. Stone said, is also often used by hobbyists sport of rock climbing or climbing. Because, having a height of about 125 meters, so it is suitable for complaining guts to conquer the height of the cliff. If the dry season, the area around the stone often said to be a place to camp. Many visitors who accidentally camping here to enjoy the beauty of the stone said while rock climbing.

17. Mount Pare

Bukit Pare is a Regional hills in the village of Cepoko District of Ngrayun frequently used for Selfie the Lovers Adventure Wilderness and Lovers Photography spoiled with so many places to see the natural beauty that is natural, that location is approximately 15 Km from the Office of districts Ngrayun takes about A 20 minute trip.

18. Watu White

The word comes from Javanese Watu meaning stone, while white is the color white. Named White Watu because of this rock there are parts that are white. The stone in the middle of the shade of pine forests are located in the District Ngrayun Ds Tanjung Ponorogo, approximately 5 km from the Center district. From the top (peak) White Watu can enjoy the natural beauty of the grain of his amazing creations.

19. Kedung Limestone

Other Limestone trletak Village Temon NGRAYUN precisely the District Police Office NGRAYUN South.  For those of you who like to swim just enjoy the thrill of swimming directly in nature terbuka.tapi  do not forget to keep the environment clean so that these places to stay awake and remain environmentally sustainable.

20. Land Shake Pudak

Land Shake Pudak Pudak located in the area, called the ground shake as if you are there the surrounding soil as you menginjal swaying like jelly. The exact location administratively, rocking land is located in the village of Pudak Wetan, District Pudak, Ponorogo, or about 45 KM from the city center (where this very jauhh from the city center and even exceed Ngebel Sooko because it is located on the border).

21. Forest Travel Kucur

Kucur travel forest or garden is a jungle tour Kucur attraction located in District Badegan, or about 20 km towards the west of the City Ponorogo. In the middle of the teak forests of this Kucur tourist park you will find a water source (Kucur). In addition, forest Kucur tour also serves as a national park and also a campsite.

22. Hot Tirto

The hot springs are located in the hamlet village peak Wagir North District dialing. Located in south Lake Ngebel approximately 3 km from the entrance to the lake. The river originates from seepage springs that belong together set up a river from the slopes of Mount Wilis, the river is flowing towards Pulung district, in the village of North Wagir dialing, the location can also be accessed from the district Pulung. People prefer to take a dip in the afternoon and evening, according to the visitors will be more effective because the body in a relaxed state, but I do not know actually.

23. Other Kenthus

Kedung Kenthus or New Natural Air Travel Ponorogo Regency is located in the Village District of Sampung Jenangan Ponorogo, a suburb in the mountains with a water source that never dry although in the summer. 30 minutes from the city center towards the District Sumoroto ponorogo further direction of the District Sampung headliner with mine limestone / chalk. There is also a historic site Goa Lowo already famous. There is a unique river flows from the top of a narrow plasticity whereas under broadly similar like a barrel length less than 20 meters, with water colors to create an impression forage cool and beautiful, irregular stone wall colored yellowish gray felt we were abroad.

24. Taman Wisata Ngembag

Wildlife Tourism Ngembag were on Siman, about 3 km from the city center Ponorogo. To support tourism activities, this park has provided a variety of rides such as the flying fox, slide, swing and various rides as we met in the gardens of the city in general. There is also a mini zoo that make this place more attractive to visit. This place is a city park that is equipped with many facilities and a playground, such as a swimming pool, a playground and a mini zoo. Hence, many visitors who brought along his wife and children here to simply refreshing.

25. Crafters Village reog Carat Sumoroto

If you want to know more details about Reog Ponorogo, sambangi wrote directly craftsmen who made this art equipment. One of them is owned by Mr. Sarju studio located in the village Carat Sumoroto, District Kauman. Pak Sarju menekuni reog manufacture equipment for over 40 years. Besides seeing directly the manufacturing process, of course you can also get an interesting story about the artist's life reog.

26. Pilgrimage

Roxburgh has many places as well as the tomb is visited by many pilgrims such as, Tomb Bathoro Katong Village Setono Jenangan the District, the District Srindil Astana Badegan, Tomb Merto Hadinegoro Tajug Village District of Siman, as well as the Tomb of Muhammad Kasan village Besari Tegalsari Jetis Ponorogo.

27. Gita Waterpark

Gita Krajan waterpark located in the district. Pulung, Regency Ponorogo. Tourism vehicle has a cascading pools. Swimming uppermost is specifically aimed at children and at the bottom of the pool for adults. Waterslide facility has been provided in the children's pool, which certainly makes them so menikmaati and excited. This tourist attraction using the theme of nature and the beauty of the mountain panorama will make any traveler feel comfortable and relaxed.

28. Kintamani Waterpark

Playground shades of this water has several rides that can be used to play. Good for kids and adults. In addition to the playground, around the waterpark is also a restaurant with a rustic look nuasansa simple yet fun. The uniqueness of this restaurant is its location which is on an artificial lake. Water attractions has 2 children's pool and has been equipped with several facilities like the slide. In addition, there is also an adult pool, outbound facilities, Mosque, bathroom, and so forth.


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