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Gresik is an area in East Java province . The area is bordered by the city of Surabaya and Madura Strait in the east, Lamongan regency in the west, the Java Sea in the north, as well as Sidoarjo and Mojokerto regency in the south. Gresik known as the city where the establishment of the first cement factory and the largest cement company in Indonesia, namely Semen Gresik. Together with the Sidoarjo, Gresik is one of the main buffer Surabaya, and included in Gerbangkertosusila region.

Gresik itself has sights with a very beautiful view, if you want a vacation to a place where the suitable venue, guaranteed you will not be disappointed but you will feel happy, especially if you are visiting with relatives or family is guaranteed to be your vacation will be more fun.

Here's 28 Best Places list in Gresik  mandatory must-visit if you're visiting  Gresik

1. Bawean

Bawean island is a small island located on the north side of the island of Java. Bawean could be one exciting marine tourism destination. On this island there are nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. Besides tourism was also breathtaking beaches, pristine, clean, and still rarely visited by tourists. On this beach, you can play safely and comfortably. Not only that, on the island of Bawean also stored other natural resources that can be visited include thermal baths, waterfall and lake Kastoba. You also can visit the beautiful island called Gili Noko when the sea water was receding. If lucky, you can find Bawean deer mascot of Gresik.

Dua. Gili

Gili merupukan one small island located quite dean with Bawean island is approximately dua.3 Km emergency Bawean island, Gili Island is one of the inhabited islands inhabited approximately about 700 households. The beach on Gili is a white sand beach. The most special here is to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. In addition, marine catches locals will also be a compelling offer that can not be missed. Enjoying grilled fish with a view of the sunset is an amazing experience not? To get to the island of Gili you have to cross the sea using fishing boats with memkan about 30 minutes. There are many things you can do on the island of Gili whom are enjoying the white sandy beach and see the Sunset.

Tiga. Noko Island

Noko island also has beautiful natural scenery of the island Noko has a white sandy beach. Only Noko Island is an uninhabited island, the day after the island Noko overall approximately only 1 Km, Noko Island has a land in domonasi by white sand remarkably beautiful natural charm unfortunately that get overlooked. For lovers of the underwater, Noko is a choice that will not disappoint. Because in addition to the charm of white sand, the island is surrounded by a garden with flowers sea corals and colorful fish. In Bawean yet any facilities for tourists, to enjoy the charm underwater, so do not forget to bring the equipment sediri!

4. Noko Selayar Island

Noko Selayar is an island near Pulau Selayar subsidiaries. Just as Noko Island, Noko Selayar is a cluster of long, white sand. The difference is smaller than the island of Gili Noko. In addition to the white sand, the natural beauty of the underwater with coral flowers and ornamental fish would be an attraction that can not be ignored. This island is a mountain located in the middle of the sea, separated by mainland subsidiaries. Its appeal is when the tide is low, tourists can walk around the island while enjoying the brunt of small waves and sea breeze. In the middle of the sea around the island is full of view of the rocks and shrubs.

5. Beach Delegan

Delegan beach is one of the sights in Gresik's most famous. This beach is located in the village of Delegan, district. Panceng to have white sand and calm waves. Obviously calm wave conditions secure enough to use for swimming and relaxing. In Turkish Delegan also often held boat races and fishing commemorate independence day. Facilities provided at the beach is relatively simple and generally managed by local residents.

6. Beach Sukaoneng

Let down first from the hilltop and down the legs Bawean island. At the bottom of Bawean Island, Gresik, we can visit a beautiful white sand beaches extend that by a population of approximately dubbed Sukaoneng coast. Simple name taken from the name of the area where the beach is located, namely Sekaoneng village, Tambak Subdistrict, Gresik. Not necessarily as difficult as two sites in Gresik earlier, to be able to visit the beach, you just need to walk about 200 meters away from the highway.

7. Ria Beach

Formerly this beach is a haven of fishermen when fishing. Joyous atmosphere as a result of its abundant fish into the background name. Even the beach is the first time to be a fish and seaweed processing. So no wonder until now, not far from the beach Ria you can see a variety of fishing boats and activities around the coast. Already no white sand but the view on Ria Beach is still very beautiful. Ria beach with beautiful bebatauannya. Not the same as the other beaches in Bawean, here are fairly large rocks on the shoreline. From here also you can see the village on the island of Gili West, other small islands in Bawean.

8. Grave Long Beach

The beauty of dusk in Grave Long Beach

This beach is unique because it has two separate sides of the mainland coast. One beach with calm waves, the only side with strong waves. Another uniqueness is because there is a long cemetery. People believe, the long grave is the grave of the guards Aji Saka in Bawean. Because of its historical value, this cemetery sacred by the community Bawean. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset are the right choice at this beach. But you do not come here on a holiday Idul Fitri and Idul Adha, because the beaches on the southern island of Bawean this will be met by a bunch of teenagers. Yup, this beach is the most popular beach among teenagers Bawean.

9. Beach Mayangkara

Enjoying panoramic views of the blue sea off is an offer from Turkish Mayangkara. The beach is also popular with other designations Bayangkara also include captive deer. You will get acquainted with the deer endemic only to be found on the island of Bawean. Well, if you already know that deer have a blog, you should contact also with Deer yanga da on this beach. Historically, this beach is the beach which was first discovered by Siti Zaenab, wife of Sunan Giri. Here also, Siti Zaenab first anchored when it finds Bawean. No need to worry for access to this beach, because the four wheels can reach up to the seashore.

10. Air Terjun lecture

Still in Bawean Island, an area of ??Pride Gresik, there is also a tourist spot that is arguably still very natural waterfall called Laccar. This waterfall has a stream of clear, cold springs nan, and of course the natural atmosphere is still perceptible. Unfortunately the facilities and infrastructure to visit tourist attractions in Bawean is not easily accessible. If to get on the lake Kastoba we need to walk uphill as far as one kilometer, Gresik travel spot one has been more extreme. You must down footpaths and rocky river in Bawean to be able to try the freshness of waterfalls Laccar. Tourist attractions in Gresik, this one applies to you the young people who like to try fresh nan nature, and sometimes more difficult road that must be addressed, the more satisfied the taste.

11. Niagara Patar Welcome

Located in the Village District of Sangkapura Patar Congratulations. This waterfall has a height of /- 12 m. It's very beautiful and around the site found many monkeys and jungle fowl roam.

12. Mountain Quarry Sekapuk

Not only Madura who have exotic limestone hills. In Gresik also a region of limestone hills that formed as a result of mining activities surrounding population. Yes, the hill called Mount Kapur Sekapuk and is located not far from the Mount Mushrooms. These limestone hills has a very unique shape. Here, you're in a palace like chalk. Limestone is located in the village of Sakapuk, district. Pangkah tip.

13. Gunung Surowiti

Tourist area of ??Mount Surowiti ever be taken cared of Sunan Kalijaga Hermitage is a small village inhabited by approximately 200 households, located at the top of a steep hill with an area of ??About 5 hectares. With a height of 260 m above sea level, is located in the village of Surowiti, District Panceng, Gresik regency which is approximately 40 km from the town of Gresik through Way Pantura Gresik - Tuban or approximately 3 km to the south of Highway Panceng.

14. Supreme Goa Bracelet

Goa Bracelet Melirang Court in the village, district. Bungah, Gresik. If you're traveling to Gresik, Goa Bracelet Court to be missed. Named Goa Bracelet Court because this cave has a shape much like a large bracelet. Goa approximately 4 km along this, not only can you enjoy ornament in the form of stalactites and stalagmites, but also have rooms that are said to have used for the hermitage and hiding places.

15. Goa Langsih Gresik

Goa is the place to stay Langsih supposedly Loka Jaya punk, thug name Raden Sahid before gaining enlightenment through Sunan Bonang. Raden Sahid or Raden Said Sunan Kalijaga is young names. He was the son of the Duke of Tuban Hero Member Wilatikta or Raden Sahur, while Hero Member Wilatikta Arya Teja is a child who marry Arya Dikoro Tuban Regent child. Sunan Kalijaga, also known as the Prince of Tuban, Abdurrahman Raden, and Sheikh Malaya. Goa Langsih called sacred, because many of the events beyond reason, so visitors are asked to maintain cleanliness, order and decency; do not do things that are seen as a disgrace, and menstruating women should not enter the cave.

16. Lake Kastoba

A beautiful natural lake and is located on the hilltop. Kastoba lake of clear water and the air is cool, far from being a hot area of ??East Java. To get there you have to little to bother 'combing the hill' by walking approximately one kilometer. Because the course of the terali so we could not use the vehicle to get there. The lake is included in the sub-district village Tambak Paromaan-Gresik, situated on a hill Bawean Island. Besides visiting tourist attractions in Gresik named lake Kastoba this, you are also at the same time can also take the time to look at captive deer in Bawean.

17. Tanjung silver

Tanjung Gaang is a tourist attraction located on the island of Bawean, Tanjung Gaang presenting the beauty of rock and rock solid and beautiful. Travel in the village of Tanjung Gaang Kumalasa, District Sangkapura berjarank approximately 8 km to the west of the island of Bawean. To get to the Cape Gaang there are two paths that can be achieved, namely land and sea, but it would be nice if you use sea by renting a fishing boat local residents because when you use the sea route you will be in suguhi variety of marine life that could be you see along the way.

18. Hill Mushrooms

Mushroom hill is a tourist place in Gresik in Sub Bungah, Gresik. Located approximately 6 km from Gunung Kapur Sekapuk. In the past this area is an excavated area that has not been used and then undergo a process of erosion due to rainwater, forming large mounds of stone shaped like a mushroom. Of course, this could be a fungus Bukit interesting places that be your destination.

19. Well Ngipik

Ngipik lake is about 1.Lima kilometers from the town square Gresik and became one of the ideal places to escape the bustle of the city penatnya atmosphere. Around Telaga Ngipik, you can feel the cool atmosphere though faintly visible in the distance building industrial plants which are not far from this lake. Yes, the lake which is also known as Taman Wisata Tirta Giri's color you can use for hunting or just relaxing enjoying the scenery accompanied by a breeze. This lake is also sometimes used by PSASI Java or Water Ski Association All Indonesia to practice water skiing.

20. Spring Banyu Biru Lowayu

Tourist attractions in Gresik, this one presents a unique natural phenomenon. Banyu Biru Lowayu spring located in the village Lowayu, excl. Shaman, Gresik. In this village there are springs known as the Spring Banyu Biru. As the name suggests

21. Captive Deer

One more thing you should not miss to visit when in Bawean yaituPenangkaran Bawean Deer, Captive Deer Bawean has an area of ​​approximately 4 hectares with the number of deer approximately 300 individuals, elk are in captivity Bawean the deer kind Axis kuhlii that currently exist became extinct and can only be encountered in Bawean island. Axis deer kuhlii have ketingian between 60 s / d 70 cm for males, and have a size of 25 s / d 47 for females. Although dalama captivity visitors can not feed the deer-deer freely without any permission from the local manager.

22. Sunan Maulana Malik Ibrahim

Maulana Malik Ibrahim Gresik tomb is the tomb of the second that I visit from the same person. The first tomb I visited was the tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi, another name of Malik Ibrahim, which is located in Cirebon. How could the same person could have two or three tombs, and maybe more? One reason could be because of Maulana Malik Ibrahim, also known as Malik Ibrahim, was among the first to be considered successful spread Islam in Java, when the kingdom of Majapahit still stand. Their "tomb" in some places it proves the influence of Maulana Malik Ibrahim widespread in Java.

23. Sunan Giri Gresik

Sunan Giri Gresik is located on a hill not too high in the village of Giri, District Kebomas, Gresik, East Java. I visited this tomb to follow the straight road from the direction Sunan Prapen a few moments before I visit, and enter from the side of the tomb without going through the steps. Location Sunan Giri Gresik can at least be reached by passing through three selection entry, ie from the direction of mosques Sunan Giri, from the steps of the center by going through the gate of the temple briefly and sculpture dragon-sized, and entered from Sunan Prapen as I did on a visit time that.

24. Petilasan Sunan Kalijaga

In addition to the tomb of Malik Ibrahim and Sunan Giri, one place smelled Wali Songo we can go in Gresik is taken cared of Sunan Kalijaga. The ruins of the cave called Gua Langsih. The location is on the hill Surowiti. About 35 km from the city center Gresik. To get to the location of the cave, visitors must climb hundreds of stairs is quite tiring. Arriving at the site of ruins, mystical atmosphere will instantly feel. Although the atmosphere is rather make the creeps, as long as we do not all kinds and have no purpose weird, it's okay. Moreover, visiting places such as these will give us a new insight

25. Sunan Prapen

Sunan Prapen located in the Village District of Kebomas Klangonan approximately 400 m west of the tomb of Sunan Giri, in a unique architecture cupola with carved high art. Perapen Sunan Giri is the successor to the fourth dynasty. According to the story said, Sunan Prapen is a great poet Asrar composers book which is then used as the basis for formulating Jongko Joyoboyo. In addition, he is also a master (keris) is one of his famous name-kris Suro Angun angun. At the time of this Prapen Sunan Giri suffered heyday. According VOC Islam Sunan Prapen as Pope, or King of the priest who has a role in giving blessings to the kings of Demak and Pajang newly crowned. He has had a great influence as far as Borneo, Sulawesi and Lombok.

26. Old City Gresik

Old Town area Gresik become one of the historic sights in Gresik. Visitors who come will feel as if back to the days of the Dutch East Indies. In the Old Town area of ​​Gresik, stands the old buildings with classical architecture tidy make this place as iconic sights in Gresik. If you buff the historical sights, the Old City Gresik this could be your goal.

27. Tourism Adenium

Adenium Travel is located in the village Menganti. In the village we can enjoy a wide range of selenium. In addition to enjoying the different types of selenium we can also collect them by buying these plants because there are too many sellers adenium and we can freely choose the type or Adenium motif that we like.

28. Bukit Awan Waterpark

Bukit Awan Waterpark is located on the north coast, certainly sultry. Therefore, for tourists who want to refresh the body, can visit to Bukit Awan Waterpark. Sightseeing in Gresik is located on Jl. R. Ayu Siti Aminah, No. 1, Randuagung village, district. Kebomas, Gresik. The water park has a special pool of children and adults. Coupled with waterslide rides were quite high and winding, will certainly make your family holiday in Bukit Waterpark more fun


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