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Tuban is one area in East Java which is located on the North Coast of East Java. The area it has a strategic location, which is in the border province of East Java and Central Java crossed by the National Road Daendels on the North Coast. Central government

Tuban is located 101 km northwest of Surabaya, capital of East Java province and 215 km east of Semarang, capital of Central Java province. Therefore, in ancient times Tuban used as the main port of the Majapahit Empire and became one of the centers spread of Islam by the Walisongo.

Tuban itself is an area that has a myriad of sights very beautiful such as beach tourism, nature tourism even religious tourism was all here, if you want a vacation this is where the ideal, guaranteed you will not be disappointed, especially if you are visiting with relatives , couples or family vacation you will be guaranteed to be more fun.

Here's 18 Best Places list in  Tuban mandatory must-visit if you're visiting  Tuban

1. Boom Beach

Boom beach is artificial peninsula that was once the ancient port on the former Majapahit period, to be located at the north square of Tuban city center so the location is very convenient. This beach has been so arranged by the local governments be made various tourist spots with adequate facilities. The new door of the gate of course, has a lot of interesting things that are served by these sights. Not far from the entrance there is a source of fresh water that flows continuously. It is said that the old wells are relics of the Dutch, but some are saying this is a relic of a guardian. In the vicinity of the beach there is a road that juts into the sea. This road we can use to enjoy the panoramic view of the sea. Here there are also several gazebo that we can use to see the scenery at sunrise or sunset. Very amazing.

Dua. Coconut Beach

This tourist spot located in Panyuran, east of the city of Tuban. In this place, visitors can see the thick palm trees with a variety of unique shapes. Trees flashing in this place not only stand up, but there is also a growing ramps and curved. Visitors can even sit or stand on a sloping palm trees and the melingkung. In this place suasanya very cool and the scenery is quite beautiful. This place has even become a camp site and also pelatihan for all institutions in this city. Here we will also discover the many local residents who work as fishermen, with a variety of activities. The beach is very beautiful, shady and still very natural. The beach is often used as a place for camping as well. So if we want to experience beach camp, can try on this beach.

Tiga. Pine Beach

Pantai Cemara offers charm ditepinya beach lined pine trees that shade. Here we can take shelter and enjoy the charm of the beauty of the beach. On this beach, we will find the Mangrove Center managed by Mr. Ali Mansur. To visit this beach and Mangrove Center We are released from entrance fees. We would be charged only for the use of electricity and clean water. When else can try gini free travel. There are various facilities such as a gazebo and cottage can also be used to conduct meetings or simply relax. This beach, we can play relatively shallow water because of its beaches and the waves are not so great. We can also camp here. Really cool place to spend a holiday.

4. Turkish Sowan

The beach is located on the street front pantura Sowan, Hamlet Sowan, Bogorejo Village, Banjar District. Sowan coast has beautiful natural scenery and exotic. This tourist spot is better known as 'Wana Sowan'. Sowa Coast region are in forest area by the beach with an area of ??Approximately 32 hectares. Different types of trees thrive dikawan this tour, ranging from a tamarind tree, Klampis and mahogany. This tourist attraction managed by Perhutani KPH Tuban. Rows of trees in the coastal areas which should have made the atmosphere feels hot to make the atmosphere cooler and beach can be a place to relax. Make us who like camping can make the area as a place to camp.

Lima. White Sand Beach Remen

The white sand beach is a new tourist attractions in Tuban which became popular after a few tourists who visit this beach to upload the photos on social media. Its location in the village of Remen, District Jenu, Tuban, located not far from the power plant Tanjung Awar-awar. The white sand beach was still new, you know. The beach was officially opened recently on 22 February 2015 and is managed by the village government Remen. There are a lot of tents lined merchants around the beach, simple look neat and clean. The beach is very kept clean, in fact there are many trash cans along the shores. If stop by here do not littered well.

6. Niagara Nglirip

This waterfall is located in the hamlet Jojogan Mulyo village of the District Court Singgahan. Distance from City Center Tuban around approximately 37 KM towards the southwest. Niagara Nglirip be one of the natural tourist destinations are quite popular in Tuban district. This tour presents a stunning exotic nature. Tosca blue river water during the dry season, so beautiful. This waterfall has a height of approximately 30 meters. Behind the charm of its natural beauty, tourist attractions holds many mysteries. News mystique that waterfall tour Nglirip'm victimizing virgins. In fact, every year, it always falls Nglirip casualties. Be careful if traveled here yah, do not forget to pray first.

7. Valley Waterfall Songok

Waterfall Valley Hunchback that many people do not know. But when he got in the Niagara Valley Songok, feeling tired during the trip will be lost. The beauty of the environment makes sense to be very quiet. Not to mention the sound of birds and wild monkeys make a refreshing feel perfect. There are two beautiful waterfalls that decorate the rock Valley fool. Visitors can enjoy the sensation of a shower under a waterfall. Not infrequently also a rock-climbing visitors to take pictures in the water flow. Really fun!

8. Goa Ngerong

Ngerong Goa attracts many local tourists, especially during the holidays. Lots of tourists want to visit Goa to witness thousands of bats that depend roof of the cave. In addition to dazzle with its beauty, it also saves Ngerong cave myth or mystery not revealed yet about the fish and turtles tawes white existing small pond inside the cave. We can navigate the cave with the raft while enjoying the charm of thousands of fish the river bottom while bats goanya roof. Dikedalaman approximately 1000 meters, we will find a waterfall. It is very pleasant to spend vacation time here.

9. Goa Akbar

These sights are very well run. Goa is already equipped with lighting and street paving. Their illumination will make Staklatit We were able to enjoy the beauty and Staklamit. Besides the charm Staklatit and Staklamit beautiful, we will enjoy a lot of other things such as the mosque, penghadapan guardian, ablution etc. The legend says that this cave was once the residence of Sunan Kalijaga before his conversion to the right path after meeting with Sunan Bonang. Goa Akbar travel quite crowded because of its location behind Pasar Baru, Tuban.

10. Goa Putri Asih

Goa is famous for its various stone ornaments therein. Ornaments that include ornaments stalactites, stalagmites, pillar (buffer of space second and third), curtain (stone ornaments because the water droplets are very thin to form resembling a mosquito net or shawl), soda strav, flow stone, helektit (stone growth of stalactites growing sideways), heksentrik (this stone but the growth of stalactites grow sideways and then went up), and calcite floor (derived from the melt flow stone which men yatu with soil and form ornaments). Goa has a 9 room with stone ornaments diverse charm. We are obliged to visit this place to prove how nature produces beauty.

11. Holy Goa

Holy Goa GOA Defined as a visible shape made of sculptures. However GOA is made in the days of yore, with proof there are numbers that indicate the year 1026 java around the sculpture. This unique cave is said to be a cave mouth of the kingdom of Majapahit. Goa is located around Limestone mining has many unique, including GOA is supposedly he often made the meditation people from both within and outside the region to mediatasi calm the mind and conscience as well as to seek a mystic. Besides Goa in Goa are in Tuban also Pesantren Stomach Earth which is used as a boarding school, tourist attractions, and also sebgai place of meditation.

12. Goa Buttons

Goa is not like the buttons on umumya cave in tuban like Goa Ngerong Rengel and other caves. Goa buttons has its own characteristics which have a hole studs cave-like wells. Loh how well? .. Yeah depth of only about 4-5meter aja loh. Besides that there is a cave or hole basin that is also not too deep. But the cave lies the uniqueness of buttons instead of goanya but on two cliffs stand firmly just above the mouth of the cave, and this place fits really does make you love a selfie ria or hunting.

13. Baths Bektiharjo

Harjo Bekti bath is a bath which is said to be the forerunner of the town of Tuban. Tourist attractions in Tuban a bath with springs that flowed and never subsided during the dry season. According to local people and the elders, this bath is believed to be the origin of Tuban, which means "METU Banyune" which in Indonesian means their Exit Air or Air Mata. Baths Bekti around Harjo is also a group of wild monkeys were very docile and do not like to tease visitors. You can play with monkeys and feed to be able to invite a herd of monkeys playing.  Here there is also a swimming pool for children with slides and other games. So this bath is very comfortable for a vacation with the family to bring the kids.

14. Hot Water Prataan

This bathing place there amid a small forest. The hot water in the bath is derived from natural sources. That said, local people believe if the source Hot Prataan can cure various diseases including skin diseases, hives, gout, rheumatism, and various other diseases. In fact a lot of people from out of town who came here to test efficacy.

15. People Ondo

This tour is in bektiharo village, district Semanding, Tuban district, about 5 KM from Bektiharjo baths, location called "Watu Ondo" in Indonesian means "STONE STAIRS". tourist places like stairs made of stone, with a combination of the stairs with rocky cliffs (Gampeng). Here too there are roads that are usually used by dekitar citizens to take water and watering the fields, up denagn WATO ono that there must be a balance and strength required. This tour is traffic access mbogor ngendut hamlet by hamlet and village sencang by Medokan hamlet situated hamlet mbogor with Medokan village on a cliff top, about 20-30 meters, and the location ngendut Medokan hamlet and village below the cliff.

16. Sunan Bonang

Sunan Bonang never empty of pilgrims. Sign here, you will pass through some of the Hindu-style archway authentic Islam. Then, you can see the cupola of the original tomb low and below naaungan magnificent cupola. It's perfect for all ngadem remembrance. In addition to being an important port in the Majapahit era, Tuban also became a center of the spread of Islam in Java; no wonder that the city is nicknamed the City Mayor. In the center you can find the tomb of one of his famous Walisongo, Sunan Bonang. Tombo Ati know the song? Well, it is one of the works Sunan Bonang used to preach.

17. Stomach Earth Ponpes Al-Maghribi

Stomach Earth Ponpes Al-Maghribi area within the cave. So if we went to this place will provide a special experience for you. Stomach Earth Ponpes Al-Maghribi built inside a natural cave that has been dead and abandoned. Now, ornaments such as stalactites and stalactite cave has hardened into limestone and synergy in harmony with the building and its ponpes mosque. Now, ponpes initiated by Kyai Subchan this Mubarok be one attraction for pilgrims and tourists. Coming Gedongombo wrote to the Village, District Semanding. You can also contribute to the development of this boarding school, you know.

18. Museum Kambang White

White Kambang Museum Located in Jalan Kartini No. 3, Tuban. The museum is located in the city center is adjacent to the Grand Mosque of Tuban and Spot Sunan Bonang. The museum was established on January 4, 1984 but only serves as a museum two months later, on March 28, 1984. This museum you can visit on Tuesdays s / d Sunday with operating hours from 07.00 s / d 14:00. But the museum is closed early on Friday is at 11.00 and Saturdays at 12.00. This museum houses various collections such as lion dance, puppets, puppet show, an ancient urn, traditional weapons, fossils, ancient manuscripts and others.


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