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Sidoarjo is a region in East Java province. Its capital is Sidoarjo. It is adjacent to the city of Surabaya and Gresik regency in the north, the Madura Strait in the east, Pasuruan in the south, and Mojokerto regency in the west. Together with Gresik, Sidoarjo is one of the main buffer Surabaya, and included in Gerbangkertosusila region.

Sidoarjo as one of the buffer capital city of East Java province is an area that is experiencing rapid development. This success was achieved because of the potential that exists in the region such as industry and trade, tourism, and small and medium enterprises can be packed well and directed. With the variety of potential areas as well as the support of adequate human resources, then in its development Sidoarjo able to become one of the strategic areas for the development of regional economy.

Sidoarjo itself is an area that has a myriad of sights very beautiful such as nature and historical attractions are all in Sidoarjo, if you want a vacation this is where the ideal, guaranteed you will not be disappointed, especially if you are visiting with relatives, couples and families you will be guaranteed to be more fun holiday.

Here's 15 Best Places list in Sidoarjo mandatory must-visit if you're visiting  Sidoarjo

1. The interest Beaches

The interest of the coast is one of the attractions of nature contained in Sidoarjo. This beach is located in the village of Sawoan, Buduran subdistrict, Sidoarjo. To reach this place you will be required to use the sea route. The interest is dii coast inland Sidoarjo Not many know that the Sidoarjo has the nuanced nature sites. As rivers in the interior of Borneo, all the way down the coast you will be presented with the green leaves of the mangroves, sweetly chirping birds perched bersahutan seemed to be their own entertainment. The beach was very crowded at the end of the week, especially when a ceremony is held Nyadran, sea alms ritual performed as an act of gratitude to God Almighty.

Dua. Marine Tourism Tlocor and Sarinah Island

Marine Tourism Tlocor its location in Kampung Tlocor, Kedungpandan Village, Jabon subdistrict, Sidoarjo. Sarinah island formed by the sedimentation process Lumpur Lapindo, the presumed that this location is able to attract tourists. Atmosphere mangrove forests are cool and quiet is one of the magnets. Still in the same location there is also a Telocor Beach, visitors can take a boat can along this coast. Here you will be presented with the green mangroves on both sides of the coast. Rustle of small waves make the boat a little sway has been a challenge for you to try. There is also an artificial pier created with the aim to facilitate the boat docked. Because the acreage owned island Telocor quite extensive.

3. Lumpur Lapindo

Lapindo mud is a natural disaster that originally started with events menyemburnya mud in the drilling location. Lapindo Brantas Inc. In Sudun Balongnongo, Renokenongo village, Porong district, Sidoarjo regency since 29 May 2006. The mud continues to escalate until finally sink some residential areas and industry in three surrounding districts. But as the development, Lumpur Lapindo has now become a tourist spot that must be visited while in Sidoarjo. Mudflow smoky mesih now steaming in the middle of the main attraction. When at the top of an embankment, tourists will see the vast expanse of water and smoke right in the middle. Not surprisingly, most residents travel call 'Reservoir Fuming'. However you should still be careful and menjada distance if visiting this place because Lapindo mud can gush at any time.

4. Candi Pari

Candi Pari temple is the rectangular brick, its location in the village of Candi Pari, Porong district, Sidoarjo regency, just a few kilometers from the center of the mudflow. Candi Pari is a relic temple majapahit built in the reign of Hayam Wuruk. If you travel to this place will bring you to the religious nuance of Hindu religion is very strong. Around the temple you will also find the statue of Shiva Mahadeva, two statues of Agastya and 7 Ganesha. In this temple you can recreation while learning about the history of this temple, the temple is also very suitable to visit with your family. The architectural style which is reflected from the temple is very similar to the existing buildings in the country of Vietnam. In addition there are also Candi Candi Pari wells are located close anyway.

Lima. Museum Mpu Tantular

Tantular MPU Museum is located on Highway Buduran, a cultural tour was very interesting to visit. Museum Mpu Tantular is in an area of ??Land with an area of ??Tiga.28 hectares. Museum Mpu Tantular save a lot of historic relics, such as gold and paintings made in the 14th century. The existence of this museum is very important to introduce the culture of the archipelago to the next generation. A collection of historical objects owned makes you feel at home walking around in it, ranging from the gold collection, ethnographic, numismatic, geology, biology to art in the 14th century.

6. Makam Putri Ayu Sekar Dadu


The tomb is in the hamlet of interest, sawoan villages, districts will be presenting Buduran very sacred pilgrimage. Putri ayu sekar dice is the daughter of the king Blambangan and is believed to be the mother of Sunan Giri.Setiap nyadran finished, many people who took a pilgrimage to this place so that the place is included as a cultural and spiritual sites sidoarjo very interesting

7. Porong River

Porong river are in Tlocor village, district. Jabon, Sidoarjo south. Tourism potential offered by this place is to invite tourists along the Porong river, up to the estuary there is a new island Lapindo mud sedimentation, Sarinah Island. On this island, tourists can enjoy the sunrise and sunset at Kuta Beach Bali withdrawal. Because of ease, many wistawan spend his time on the island whose name stems from the designation of local residents, to fishing.

8. Delta Fishing

Delta Fishing is a vehicle for fishing and a place of recreation for families, its location in the village Prasung, Buduran subdistrict, Sidoarjo. In addition to providing a vehicle for fishing, here provided some games that visitors can enjoy, such as flying fox, outbound, swimming pools, water bikes and many others. For those of you who like fishing should not miss the opportunity to visit a fishing this. It could be said that the tourist sites Fishing fishing Delta is a complete family of travel for each member of the family with different hobbies can be done in one location. Fish - fish swimming freely in the pool as mujaer, pomfret and carp. Here also you could actually come to swim, you know, but it certainly has provided a special pool.

9. Fishing pool Sedati

Fishing pool located in the village Sedati Kalanganyar, Sedati subdistrict, Sidoarjo. This place is a paradise for anglers who want to try out the skill to get different kinds of fish, ranging from tombro, carp, catfish up. You do not have to bother with a fishing pole if being here because usually the manager has given the full package. Plus, you can directly process the inducement into the fresh food ready to eat while enjoying a fishing pond.

10. Bag Sentra Tanggulangin

Sentra Bag waas a sales center ladies bags, the bags are produced have often imported abroad. Because it is attractively styled and is made from durable materials. For domestic visitors do not be afraid of the price, because sellers will be very friendly to the domestic tourists who want to shop in the center of the bag Tackle bag. This location is located in the village of Kludan way, not only are there one or two stalls selling bags but almost along the road have been met by the stores that sell her bags charming at competitive prices. One of the major manufacturers are INTAKO Tanggulangin bag. Success meet the quality standards of bags in the world market, making handmade bag Tanggulangin attracted many people from foreign countries.

11. Kampung Batik Jetis

Kampung Batik Jetis is located in the center of town, or rather in the street Diponegoro Sidoarjo, you can easily find the location. Batik motifs of peacocks is one Sidoarjo batik. Because it is located in the city center or precisely on Jalan Diponegoro Sidoarjo batik centers can be easily found. In addition, at the entry gate there is the inscription 'Kampung Batik Jetis' super big, so it could be easier for tourists for shopping trips. Here there are many people who sell batik work at home each with a choice of varying prices. In addition to shopping batik, in this location you can see directly the activities of batik painting on cloth. So that it can be concluded that the area of ??This location is a shopping tour at the same location of cultural tourism.

12. Shoes Kampung Krian Sidoarjo

Shoes have Kampung Krian Sidoarjo. In this place, tourists can buy many kinds of shoes and sandals that can be used as souvenirs for family and friends. The village is located in the Village Masangan Krian Sidoarjo. In addition to the historic sites there is also a shopping attractions that you should not miss, especially for those who like to shop. Here there are many original shoes made in Sidoarjo with the best quality, possible sites similar to this one Cibaduyut in Bandung.

13. Monument Sidoarjo

Tourism potential which needs to be visited during a visit to Sidoarjo is Square Sidoarjo. Giant leafy trees make the square-Dutch East Indies colonial style looks so shady. In the middle of the square Sidoarjo towering monument with the logo of giant shrimp and milkfish. Landmark city is increasingly complete with the presence of the Great Mosque Sidoarjo and ancient buildings that are still functioning as government offices and banks. However, the main reason why travelers need to come here, actually because at a hawker center square. Here you can see the monument in the form of a logo Sidoarjo milkfish and shrimp in the middle of the cool air of the city. Because the atmosphere is cool, often many people who use the site for a jogging and cycling.

14. The interest Nyadran Ritual

The interest is Nyadran tradition which is still preserved. Sea alms ritual is held as a form of gratitude local residents over the fish of the sea Sidoarjo abundant. Nyadran more lively when performed with the boat convoy accompanied by gamelan to the interest of the beach in the morning. Nyadran usually performed when a long holiday season, so that a fitting moment for tourists who want to enjoy a different travel experience. Each month Ruwah or about 1 week before the fasting month, villagers Balongbendo held nyadran as a form of expression of gratitude to the Creator. This form of activity in the form of a party nyadran show how to take the mussels in the middle of the sea where the top party in the evening precisely midnight.

15. Sun City WaterPark

Sun City Waterpark is a waterpark that was founded in 2004, its location in Jalan Pahlawan Sidoarjo. Just like the waterpark more, waterpark also provide a variety of games that can visitors enjoy, you are able to play at this waterpark with a variety of rides available, in addition here also available outbound and flying fox, waterboom is quite complete and satisfactory terms amenities. Here you can play as much water as well as enjoying the rides were tempting. Although only built about 10 years ago, but the development of tourism is quite rapidly over time. Some of the facilities in this place is a life guard, stage entertainment, and medical center. For the lazy river is also interesting that dragon sliding, water boom and others.


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