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A deevaTravel - Papua is a province of Indonesia located widest in the most eastern part of Indonesia. The island has an area of about 421,981 sq km, has the potential of natural resources are infinite, ranging from natural resources on land to natural resources in the oceans.

The beauty of the beaches in Papua is still very natural and menggagumkan. Nearly all beaches in Papua sandy white with a touch of human hands. With views of the thrilling, white sand is clean and soft, the water is crystal clear blue sea to the bottom of the sea, coral reefs charming and still very natural, as well as fish of various colors plus the coastal air is very cool and clean is a character beaches in Papua that you can enjoy. Not to mention the existence of flora and fauna are very diverse as well as the hospitality of the locals will welcome you on vacation on the shores of Papua ini.Pantai-coast of New Guinea offers a different challenge when compared to other beaches in Indonesia. Here's 10 Most Beautiful Beaches Papua Island is worth your visit.

1. Triton Gulf Coast


If talk about Papua , you certainly transfixed by the beauty of Raja Ampat. But apart from that you can also enjoy the beauty of the Coastal Tourism in Papua others. One of them is the Gulf Coast Triton in Kaimana, Papua. The beach offers underwater scenery is very beautiful and natural and has a coral reef that is very rare and endangered animals Star of the Sea, Gulf Coast Triton could be the best option to enjoy your holidays in Papua.


The beach offers you a very exotic charm Dusk, Diving and Snorkeling and see a view of the Whale and Dolphin and Shark contained on this beach.

Other sights of this beach is the presence of a small island on the walls there are paintings Purba chalk red.

2. Venue Island Beach

The beach-island-Venue

Venue Island is a small island with an area of 15 ha, located on the southern Buruway District, Papua.

The island has white sandy beaches are clean, soft and still very natural and beautiful coral reefs and amazing. This beach is also the spawning grounds for leatherback turtles and Maleo birds and several species endemic and migrant species such as birds Pelikan from Australia.

This island can you travel by sea within 3-5 hours from the capital of Kaimana.

3. Yen Turkish Beba


Yen Beba beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Manokwari, West Papua. Location is not too far from the center of town is much visited by local tourists to release tired after a long day of work,

On this beach you will be served by the cool winds and refreshed by the blue sea and the beautiful island of Mansinan a milestone entry of the gospel in the Land of Papua.

The beach with white sand is very clean and smooth-textured form the curve of 500 meter length make Yen Turkish Beba looks very exotic.

4. Turkish Bakaro


Turkish Bakaro me rupakan beach is visited by local and foreign tourists. The beach is located approximately 3 kilometers from the coast Yen Beba offers a very beautiful natural scenery. On this beach you can do activities such as fishing and swimming beach. On the beach, you can watch the activity of the fish calling from the open sea to the shore by using sumpritan to be fed into a tourist attraction that has its own uniqueness.

5. Beach Kaironi


Kaironi beach located in the northern city of Manokwari, West Papua with a coastline along 4 kilometers. Selian beaches are very charming and still beautiful, at this beach you can also witness the breeding Leatherback Turtle ( Dermochelys coriacea) y ang usually occurs in November-January, Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) in July-September and Turtle Enduring ( ( Lepidochelys olivacea) in the month of March to May   every year.

6. Um Island Beach

The beach-island-Um

Um Island Beach is a beach resort located in Makbon District, Sorong, West Papua province. Tourist island is a place that you must visit while on vacation to the Land of Papua, this island of tranquility and comfort promising distinctive natural and unspoilt beaches. Which is the hidden place of the touch migrants.

The island is overgrown by green trees is also the habitat of bats junlahnya thousands tail. Um Island Beach has a collaboration between teduhnya white sand with turquoise sea water, chirping birds shouted to each other, swirling bat foraging and nicks tinge of orange in the western sky will reap a golden glow in your heart.

Besides its natural beauty is very enchanting and amazing at Island Beach Um, you can do snorkeling activities. Underwater world Coast Um Island is very amazing. Here you can enjoy the underwater scenery is very beautiful with a diversity of reef fish, turtles, lola, sea cucumbers, lobsters and coral reefs sculpted naturally.

7. Beach Bosnik


Bosnik beach is a tourist spot loveliest beaches in East Biak, Papua. The beach with white sand and sparkling clean will spoil your vacation in this exotic beach.

Beaches that are excellent citizens of Biak offers you fascinating natural beauty and there are a lot of pretty coral reefs that you must not miss.

8. Cape Coast Kasuari


Pantai Tanjung Kasuari is the prayer of the loveliest tourist beach in the town of Sorong, West Papua. The beach with white sand is very clean and the many tall trees and dense seashore beaches make this beach as the most comfortable vacation spot in Sorong.

Spectacular scenery will be an oasis facing the heat and the heat of the city of Sorong. While at the beach you can lie dihamparan white sand among the dense green trees .. Water clear blue sea and the waves roaring will always tempt you to swim.

9. Turkish Harlem


Turkish Harlem is one of the most beautiful tourist beaches and exotic island of Papua. The beach is located in the village Tablanusu, Depepre district, Jayapura District, Papua Province. Pantik pretty remote and hidden makes you feel has a private beach here.

The beauty of the white sand with the sea water is very clear that a beautiful color gradation will spoil your eyes to always look at him. This beach is also the right choice for you who like bersnokeling. Coral reefs, fish lautdan other marine life you can encounter on this beach.

10. Raja Ampat Beach


The natural beauty of Papua always contain hypnotic power for anyone, one that is the most popular Destinations in Papua, Raja Ampat . Nature tourism is located in Manokwari, West Papua.

Area of the islands, you can not only enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat Beach alone. Raja Ampat also save precious pearls are rare existence Fish Manta Rays, Shark Grey, Sea Tuna, Turtles, Sea Cow, barracuda and other fish. On the beach, you can see the remnants of World War II as the wreckage of war that were piled around the rigid Wai Island .

Besides being able to enjoy the beach with white sand is very clean and sparkling, you can also do activities to enjoy snorkeling underwater paradise Raja Ampat or sailing around the islands by boat Pinisi Raja Ampat.

In Raja Ampat Beach, you can also watch other natural charm as a unique culinary Raja Ampat, Seeing Bird of Paradise , Coral Hill Climb or fishing.


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